Monday, November 14, 2011


Remember {this} cute fox? Well, I sure didn't want to hear {this} so last Friday at Sewing Club I got busy and made this fun guy:Hudson calls it his dragon. Actually his "orange-my-favorite-color-dragon-shirt" and then he GROWLS and giggles at the same time. Seeing that sweet face smiling so b i g...totally worth it, if you ask me! Nevermind that I think my dino-dragon is Blinky, Pinky, Inky & Clyde's long lost fifth brother.Totally lost, right? What, you didn't know the pacman ghosts had names???? HA! Neither did I but google always comes through :)I have to show you the behind the scenes...

Waiting for mama to reveal his still my heart.
"It's a dragon!" {insert two-year old giggle}"It's ORANGE shirt...with a Hudson's favorite color.""It's a dragon with funny eyes...GRRROWL!""Mama made it for Hudson!"
{yes, my heart skipped a beat, okay two}I love you with all my heart, Hudson and I'm so happy you like your orange-dino/dragon shirt. ~Mama

Hmmm...a farm birthday with an orange dragon cake?

Why not!


Kate said...

do you do the stitch (blanket stitch?) around the outside of the shape with your machine or do you use use embroidery thread by hand? All the stitches are so perfect! Love the shirt!

Virginia said...

Love, love, LOVE the sequence of pictures of Hudson waiting to see his dragon shirt. They are priceless! And sweet daughter... you amaze me with your creativity!
I love to witness all the ways (big and little) that you express your love for your kids. You are a great mother.

Jessica said...

Hi, Kate~ I do the stitching by hand with embroidery floss. I just used a straight up & down stitch, nothing fancy! I like the way the hand-embroidered stitch frames the design...and when I've tried to do it on my sewing machine it just didn't look right - I'm sure it's *me* and not the machine - HA!

Mom~ I have high, high standards...after all YOU taught me everything I know about being a mother and I still count my lucky stars and thank God for giving me THE best mama in the whole world. Love you, mom!

Kate said...

Thank you! I really want to make the little fox shirt for my girls! I know that they would love it. I'm a terrible hand stitcher but I'll give it a try! Thanks for answering!1 said...

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