Friday, December 9, 2011

gingerbread house & coffee filter santa

First things first...have you visited Party & Event Guide lately?? Well, what are you waiting for? It's such a fun site full of great party ideas............. and.............. they featured my North Pole Breakfast on their site today! Check it out {here}. Thanks Jerry and Party & Event Guide!

The littles have been bringing home all kinds of cute Christmas themed artwork, ornaments, and projects. These sweet things make me smile from ear to ear.

This past Tuesday the little pumpkin's preschool class made gingerbread houses. Grace told me the big kids (5th graders) came in to help them. She said a girl named Bethany helped her and said Bethany was "super extra sweet". I asked her how she made the house and she said, "I told Bethany what I wanted to make and where I wanted to put everything and she helped me spread the gooey frosting all over the place" he he he...You may never read this, Bethany, but ThAnK YoU! You sure made Grace feel special!

This little see-saw is my favorite!I just love how excited and proud she was to show me her gingerbread house!! {and Hudson kept getting upset because he couldn't eat it!! HA!}And then there's this sweet little coffee-filter Santa that Hudson made at MDO this week...I love, loVE, LOVE it, Hudson!!! I love those crazy googly eyes and that crooked little nose.I can't wait to bring out this sweet Santa {and the matching one Grace made when she was in MDO 2 years ago!} year after year.
Have I mentioned lately how much I love Christmas??



Carrie said...

WOW, those are awesome. Nathan never has crafts that cool at his school! The gingerbread house looks like it was made out of graham crackers? Love the gum slide! Coffee filter santa is so cute too!

Virginia said...

I LOVE how proud both of them look with their creations!
Lots of love from Noonie

Virginia said...

I LOVE how proud both of them look with their creations!
Lots of love from Noonie

Jessica said...

Hi, Carrie - Yes! Graham cracker sides it is!! :)

They were so cute, mom!! I'm sure they showed you their projects a million times - he he.

Party and Event Guide said...

Awesome post! Thanks for the shout out! From Party and Event Guide!