Tuesday, December 6, 2011

pinwheels and polka dots

When I'm making a Lulu & Co. birthday hat, I'm always thinking about the little that will be wearing it.
Every hat is a labor of love. Since most of those littles are very young, I often think of the sweet memories they will one day see captured on film, when they look over their old birthday pictures.
This little hat has an extra heaping of love poured in it since I know the sweet little girl that will be wearing it this weekend for her second birthday. She's a cutie and her mama is one of my sweet friends.Happy 2nd Birthday, little E! This next hat is part of a very special project...a
spread-the-love project. A sweet teacher bought this hat to make the little girls in her class feel extra special on their special day. Isn't that a fun idea??!
Love it!The littles in Grace's preschool class get to wear a fun number necklace on their birthday and a golden letter on the letter-week that corresponds to their first initial. You should see how excited they get! It's always the little things that make the biggest difference. Always. Cute cupcake pincushion from {here} and sweet little doll from {here}. I'm slowly migrating orders over to the {shop} just to make the ordering process easier and I hope to add a few ready-to-ship hats after the first of the year to help with last minute requests. Turnaround time for custom hats is still 3 weeks.There's just something about handmade, isn't there?
Are you making any handmade gifts for loved ones this year?


Louley's Belles said...

Beautiful as usual!!!

Lindsey said...

The pinwheel must be for Emery????

Sarah said...

These are so cute. My boys will be in counseling one day b/c they've never had a bday hat... :)

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys!

too funny, Sarah!! :)