Saturday, January 14, 2012

beauty and the beast...and other random pics

I usually get most of my creative work done after I put the littles to bed, but lately I've been falling asleep right as I'm putting them to bed! Sorry for the blog absence, I've just been feeling extra tired! I'm behind on emails too...sorry if I haven't answered you yet...I'm working my way through and hope to catch up this week.

Here's a little bit about what we've been up to this past week...

Making rice krispies treats...yes, in costume! Hudson begs to wear his dragon costume at least once a day, so of course, the little pumpkin had to follow suit and wear hers too!
Cheering for the Tigers...we had a great time having our friends, the Andersons, over. The game was another story. Heartbreak!Hudson has been coming home from MDO with lots of artwork lately. I love this little penguin he made. His teachers said he picked out the colors for each piece and glued them all by himself - he didn't want them to help him. He's been having a terrible two's very independent streak lately.We had a fun playdate with some sweet friends from school...we went to see Beauty and the Beast and then had lunch at Chick-fil-A. The girls loved the mini screening of Tangled II - can't wait 'till it comes out!Hudson was more interested in the popcorn than the movie ;)Papa J helped me with some projects at work and of course, the littles loved the trip to Lowe's for supplies! Thank you Papa J!!I'm thankful it's a long weekend...I need time to catch up! I've been having bad migraines, but I think my contacts are to blame. And I'm hoping my littles get over this head cold that has come out of least long enough for us to enjoy Monday's holiday.

I'm excited that tomorrow is Noonie's birthday! We're having lunch over here after church. Papa J is making his yummy Poppyseed Chicken and I'm making my mom's favorite...the
Pioneer Woman's Tres Leches Cake! Y-U-M!!!And of course, birthday planning for the little pumpkin's 5th is in full swing!!! Yay for that!