Saturday, February 19, 2011


Other than God's love and faithfulness, it seems that the only thing constant in life is change.

A little background...

I have to start off by giving
Jess of Party Box Design a huge shout out for her incredible work on Grace's birthday invitation. I literally sent her a few scribbles on what I envisioned and a few days later she came back with this:Yes, that's the first proof she sent me and it was PERFECT! She got everything right, from the soft, taffy inspired colors, to the feel I was going for...everything! If you are looking for someone with fun, creative, ORIGINAL ideas, then Jess is your go-to gal for all your party invite needs. Did I mention she is super sweet and so personable, to boot? Check out her site HERE. THANK YOU, JESS!

{And just a word of caution here...PLEASE respect other people's creative rights. "Inspired by" does not mean a stamp of approval for COPYING other people's work. Believe me, I've had a recent experience with someone downright copying my work and passing it as their own and it is Please respect Jess's work on Grace's invitation.}

Sorry for the soap box...can you tell it's a sore subject for me? :O

So it goes something like this...

Feeling super excited about the little pumpkin's invites I quickly printed them, stuffed the envelopes, and mailed them off late Wednesday afternoon. DONE! One little task happily completed from my gigantic birthday To Do list.

And then...
The little pumpkin went on a super fun field trip to a new "jumpy jump" (Grace's code work for inflatable party place) with her preschool friends last week, wednesday to be exact. Ever since then she's been talking about how much fun it was and how she would love to have a party there.
Something stirred in my heart.

The feeling still there this morning, I asked her how she felt about her upcoming birthday and whether she wanted to have it at the jumpy jump place or at the park like we'd planned with a jumpy there. She looked me straight in the eye and whispered the jumpy jump's name.

After breakfast we got dressed and I took her with me to check out the jumpy jump place since Lance had been the one to go with her on the field trip and I had not seen the place. Her excitement as we pulled up was contagious. Funny how those feelings deep inside are always right. There was no doubt in my mind that this was the place to have her 4th birthday.

Yes, even if it meant switching gears 3 weeks out.
{There's that "change" again.}
Local friends & fam: New party details being mailed out this week.

No, this isn't about a spoiled kid getting her every wish and want. This is about me as a mama, following my heart and going against my mind. Every part of me wants to go ahead with the elaborate, super fun birthday afternoon I'd envisioned after talking with Grace about her birthday months back.

But that's not what she would enjoy the most right now.

So if jumping all over the place at a neon colored inflatable zone is what would make her little 4 year old's heart beam with birthday happiness, then who am I to stand in the way of a bouncing good time?

Sure, it pains me to throw all the other plans out the door, but in reality there's no point in working MANY, MANY late nights (and spending $$) on projects for a party that is not what would bring the greatest joy to the birthday child. After all, it IS about the child and celebrating another sweet, God-granted life milestone.

This little pumpkin of mine has such a sweet, gentle and sensitive soul wrapped up in her little almost-four year old body...tonight as I was giving her little brother a bath, she came into the bathroom, twinkle in her eye, approval-seeking tone to her little voice and said to me..."you know mama, I do want a party at the park for my 5th birthday"...point taken my sweet child.

I love you with all my heart.

P.S. Would it be in bad taste to re-use the gorgeous invite (new photo/wording of course) and other printables if we do decide to run with it next year? HA!


Louley's Belles said...

Now that is called being a Super mom! I remember telling some one that we would never have a "jumpy thing" (that's what my girls say) at our bday parties. But when that is all they want.....why not. It's their day after. I don't think it would be bad to give it a go next year. The invites are just too cute not to use again! You're a fabulous mommy!!!!

Mendy said...

Jessica you are an incredible Mom for doing this for Grace! I agree it's all about what they want when it comes to their birthday so I think you are doing the right thing...although I admit I was looking forward to seeing the boardwalk party. :) Next year! :)

Heather L. said...

I agree, Jessica - it's all about them having fun. Those jumpy places are SO tacky and you can't decorate or plan other fun things, but the kids LOVE them! We've had parties at those places before, and I have to say that they make life so much easier on Mom! Hope she has a blast!!! You are such a sweet Mommy!

Ashley said...

You are a great momma! Not many moms would give up "their dream" birthday party for what their kid really wants. Way to go!!!

Kelli said...

You are a great mom for doing what Grace wants!! I know that you can make a bounce place look great!! You still can do the boardwalk theme in the bounc place party room. I am looking forward to seeing pictures!!

Sweet P Preston said...

I know it is hard stop planning something once the ball is half way down the hill with an idea. But you know you will make it a great party for Grace, no matter where the venue.


BTW, LOVED the address stamp. If we get a new address I might have to invest in one (I am not happy with my current address stamper).

Cori said...

Love you, sweet friend! Any event you host is spectacular. ... regardless of where. And I wouldn't put it past you to make a jumpy place party the cutest one ever. (Decorate your own jumpy socks, anyone? hehe. I would so participate!!!) My kids will be thrilled. Our cousins have been having jumpy jumps at their parties, and I don't know what it is about those things, but those kids will stay in it from dawn til dusk. My sister rented one for my nephew's first birthday party yesterday, and we were ALL in it -- my daddy, mama, me, the 1-year-old. We're thinking about pooling our money and getting one for our family Easter celebration. Ha.
Can't wait to see her face and hear her laugh with all her buddies at the party!

Spears said...

your heart for your family shines in your blog, and I am so so glad that you continue to post! I love reading about the ways God stretches and challenges other is such an encouragement! Grace's party will be fabulous :)

Cupcakes and Lemonade said...

You are such a wonderful mom! It is all about what they want and you are totally doing the right thing! Yes, save those gorgeous invites and use them next year!

The England Family said...

What a sweet, sweet, Mommy you are! Just as all the other moms have said. Can't wait to see the pictures from the jump house:)

Unknown said...

"Your a great mama"" yes you dont get to really decorate and you feel like all your plans went out the window, but once it's all over and you wipe the sweat off her little face,and she tells you what a great time she had.
It will be so worth it!!!!!! this has happened to me twice now..... PS... thanks so much for the Dora the explorer hat she loved it.


Jessica said...

Thank you all for your kind comments and support!

The mama in me knows it's the right decision but the party planner in me is still a wee bit heartsick. Silly, I know. Of course, I'm a mom first and foremost so it was easy to weigh everything based on that :)

Courtney said...

Hi there. Long time no blog for me. Grace will LOVE her party. I know exactly what you mean about long nights and $$ planning parties. Molly has already informed me she wants her party at the bouncy house place too. Ughh.. I guess I'll cave as well.
Hope you are well! The kids are sooo big!