Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ice Skating {spring break part IV}

Right after our lunch at the American Girl Bistro, we headed to the rink for some time on the ice! It was Grace's first time...Hudson's first time...
{yes, we had to pull the stroller out of storage because this little one likes to dart off!}
...and MINE!His teeny tiny ice skates were too cute!I was surprised that I was able to balance and skate a little bit. I didn't fall at all - woo hoo! But I spent most of time trying to get the littles to let go a bit and glide!I was out of luck. They preferred hanging on to the rail.After I had made it around with both of them, the little pumpkin decided she wanted to go by herself. I was so proud of her determination!!Sure, she had a couple of these...But she got right back up! After each fall she would look for me and then give me the thumbs up! He cute!!We had a GREAT time.............. until............... it was time to leave. And then...Yup, he was NOT a happy camper. I remembered the play place on the 3rd floor and decided we could spend a few minutes there before leaving. Bad idea. Hudson was pretty tired by then. After about 10 minutes in the play place he misbehaved and I decided it was time to leave for good. Oh my. He yelled/screamed/kicked/cried for a solid 40 minutes. I tried holding him - didn't work - so I had to strap him back in the stroller and go. I think they could hear him from one side of the Galleria to the other and all the way through Saks as we made our way to the car. Seriously, the.worst.tantrum. he's.ever.thrown. Aaaah! Gotta love two year olds! :)


Em said...

Looks like SOOOO much fun! (Well, except for the tantrum part, but haven't we all been there?!)
Wow, next year for spring break we're going to crash your week!

Virginia said...

Love Grace's attitude when she fell, and the thumbs up! That picture is priceless. I also love the picture of Hudson looking at the skates on his feet; can you see the wonder and excitement on his face? Priceless !!! We had lots of fun, didn't we? And the tantrum...bad one... but sometimes that's life with a 2-years old.
I love you LOTS, kids!(and Mom too!)