Tuesday, March 6, 2012

vintage kitten birthday {behind the scenes}

It's been a busy couple of weeks but slowly I've been crossing off things from my birthday to-do list. A couple of sneak peeks...

Because there's no way I could ever justify paying $225 for the ruffled burlap tablecloth I fell in love with, Noonie came to the rescue and made this sweet one for me instead! WITH fabric already in my stash. Total cost: $5 for the cotton lace. Yay!
I love this picture of Noonie. She was cracking up after I told her not to look so serious while sewing... I love spending time with my mom, just the two of us {even if it's super late at night - sorry, Noonie!}. My mom sure has a heart of gold.Super sweet head wraps that are going in the girls' party favor bags...{we made 20, problem is I want to keep them all - HA!}Proof that I helped too! After saying goodnight to the littles, I headed to Noonie's to finish cutting the last batch of head wraps...So there you have it. A couple of prep pics. We've been counting down the days this week, "this is the last Monday that you will be 4 years old...this is the last Tuesday...", and Grace is super excited about her party on Saturday.Now, if only I could figure out a way to get rid of Hudson's cough!! He seems to have this residual cough that is not going away with anything. No other symptoms. Gets worse at night. Any suggestions??? {we already use the Vicks on bottom of feet, etc. that seems to be so popular}


Heather L. said...

Everything looks so cute! Can't wait to see all the pics from the party!

We had Carter's Thomas party this past weekend...still recovering LOL!

As far as the cough, our pediatrician told me to give Carter Benadryl at night, to stop that dripping in the back of his throat that was making him cough. It really helped him. Emily gets really bad coughs, and NOTHING helps her, but we do put the vaporizer in her room. Poor Hudson.

momMYsliceoflife said...

I love all the fabric! I can't wait to see the full party!

Have you listened to his chest to make sure he doesn't have a slight wheeze? My son just got diagnosed with asthma and it presented itself in the form of a persistent cough. Thankfully, he never went into a full fledged attack!

Jenn Korolewski said...

I LOVE this... You are so inspiring. I am in the process of planning my little girl's first birthday party. I have SO MANY ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Joy said...

We've had that cough at our house, a humidifier and honey helped. The best part of using honey is they are happy and very willing to take it! Hope he feels better soon!

... said...

Like Heather said...give him Benadryl at night...that is what my doctor says to do.

I would say that it is allergy based drainage...and, like Joy said local honey will really help with that.

We live in the allergy capital of the world...

Amber said...

Love all the cute head wraps! Looks like it is all starting to come together :)

Lee started giving Reese his grandma's famous couch medicine...much to my disapproval....but it works like a charm everytime ;)

Kelli said...

Love the head wraps!! Looking forward to seeing the party pics!

As for the cough I find that a vaporizer helps. I have also found---pedic care gentle vapors. You plug it in and that really works well.
Good luck coughs are no fun and last forever!