Wednesday, March 21, 2012

tangerine tango

So I seem to have a "small" crush on the color tangerine. Yes, pink/ coral/ tangerine/ orange/ clementine... I love all these shades. Add a little yellow or turquoise and I'm all set - HA!This is working out great because a sweet friend told me a couple of weeks ago that "tangerine tango" is the color of the year. I thought she was joking, but nope, she's's right {here}.Seems I've been quite vocal about this color love because both Lance and my mom surprised me with birthday presents in this fun shade. Thank you both!!As I was going through Target yesterday morning to pick up some last minute stuff to put in Hudson's MDO lunchbox {yes, nothing like morning-of, last minute school shopping is NOT one of my favorite littles have taken Chick-fil-A breakfast chicken minis as lunch one too many times, I call it "special lunch" - HA!}, I spotted {these} lovely little cupcake stands. I couldn't pass them up so they came home with me ;)And then as I was turning the corner, I spotted {this} cute top and somehow it ended up in my buggy too. It's a softer coral shade than in this stock photo...It's a good thing, because after eating two of these, I needed the forgiving shape of this blouse today! Hmmmm...maybe I'll go back and get the blue colorway know, to wear with my tangerine beaded necklace - he he he. A few fun birthday pics...

Our attempt at a family photo...
I had a great birthday spent with the people I love most. Lance was so sweet...he checked Grace out of school, picked up Hudson early from Mother's Day Out and came to my office to take me out to lunch. He then took the littles home and cooked dinner while they made cards for me. He had to go to a retirement dinner for his boss so he left everything ready for us - love him!! So blessed to have him in my life!

The littles were so sweet hugging me and saying "Happy Birthday" over and over again. Thank you Mimi & Pop and Papa J too for the generous gifts - you guys sure know how to spoil a girl!!

I also made this for you, mama...See, it's a mosaic for your office...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! He didn't make that. I DID. He's going to mess it up!!
{yup...just keepin' it real}
Noonie came over with my favorite soup & salad from Olive Garden and those delicious cupcakes in that picture up there and we had a yummy Italian dinner....portrait by Grace :)

After dinner, I had the best little helpers in the whole wide world...I just sat back and enjoyed.
Let's stop and look at a couple of things in this picture...
1. Yes, the little pumpkin IS wearing a cartoon character shirt. Grace 1/Mama 0. In my defense {sorry, yes I have an aversion to cartoon character clothing}, I didn't buy it, but it is really cute. It has Dora on it and says "little pumpkin" and she LOVES it. Pulls it out of her play clothes drawer almost And it is orange. *wink*
2. Hudson still has spaghetti noodles in his hair and he's wearing a 10 sizes too big Dallas Cowboys t-shirt that HE loves.
3. Our mini art gallery in the background is a MESS! Yes, we still have the traced human body hanging up from when the little pumpkin studied that unit at school a month couple of weeks ago, and yes, that's the valentine mailbox from the school party and the St. Patrick's Day green decor is still up too. C'est la vie.
Mini me. Super excited about "fancy shoes"!Here's the story behind those gorgeous shoes...a week or so ago, I sent Noonie a text titled "Shoe Love" with a comment saying something along the lines of "I didn't even try them on...didn't want to be tempted." She knows I have a serious weakness when it comes to shoes. Wellllll....being ever so sneaky, Noonie saved that picture and went to the store and bought them for me as a surprise. Perfect size and fit. Soooo sweet! Thank you, Mom!Noonie also gave me this pretty, vintage-inspired necklace that will go perfect with - what else - a tangerine dress! bahahahahaI'm thinking *maybe* I have a problem. My last three purchases have all been the same color...the cupcake stands, the top, {this} dress:Want to check out more tangerine pretties...check out my It's Beach Time! board on pinterest. That's right. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited because come June, we will be here......I'll get to see my beloved grandma and lots of family I haven't seen in 3 1/2 years, she'll get to meet Hudson for the first time AND we'll be there to celebrate her 88th birthday with her! It'll be Lance's first time to visit Puerto Rico where I grew up until we moved when I was 12. - LOVE!!Today is my mom & stepdad's 13th wedding anniversary... HaPPy AnnIVeRsARy, Noonie and Papa J!!!!! Maybe you should go see this on Friday...I know I can't wait!!And oh my, a little someone has a purse crush of her own...uh-oh, here comes trouble.It was a great birthday indeed...Tangerine + ocean blue = Ahhh
Now, to lose those 20 lbs. that seem to love me a whole lot..........


Virginia said...

Yes it was fun. It always fills my heart to see you happy. And the kids were very excited too...especially about all the sweet treats!

Julianna said...

LOVE the shoes! May I ask where you got them???

Amber said...

What a lovely post full of lovely pictures. I am not sure what is may favorite one, but it is a close one between those great shoes (love the wedge) and that beach (soooo jealous)!! So glad you had a good birthday!

Lindsey said...

I am thrilled about Hunger Games too!!!! I cannot wait.

Annie said...

Beautiful shoes!!!

I'm from PR, too.

Kris said...

Happy Birthday! I am a March gal too! LOVE your purse and shoes....and I also adore that color! How exciting your upcoming trip will be!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys - we're all super excited about our trip!! :)

Julianna~ the shoes are the Thalia Pumps in Melon by Arturo Chiang...purchased at Dillard's:

Love them!

Julianna said...

Thank you Jessica! Happy Birthday!

Kelli said...

Love this! I really like the new purse!

Anonymous said...

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA! As you know I am addicted (wink) to reading your blog. I am certain that you all are the sweetest. I have so enjoyed being one of the first followers, and watching your children grow. Such a blessed family. Have a wonderful day. Laura

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Such happy, hopeful birthday-related posts! Loved reading them! I hope your birthday was indeed a sweet one ...

As for tangerine/coral ... bring it on! It's one of those happy colors that looks good on everyone. So fresh and versatile. I was at Target this morning (picking up pink/yellow/white/tangerine birthday supplies for our birthday girl) and stopped to admire all of the fun spring/summer colors. What a mood lifter ;)

Happy Weekending, Jessica...

TaDa! Creations said...

Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you have a lovely day. And yay for Peurto Rico!!!

Dana Kauffman said...

Happy Birthday!!! I drooled over the purse :) and your list brought tears to my eyes.......thank you for sharing your heart and ideas with so many you don't personally know, but inspire just the same!

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