Tuesday, March 13, 2012

rainbows and clowns and kites, oh my!

I love my littles' artwork. Definitely a happy, bright spot to my days!One of the things I love most about Grace's preschool program is Kite Day. Maybe because it's right around the little pumpkin's birthday, maybe because Spring is just right around the corner, or maybe because I grew up flying kites in El Morro in Old San Juan...whatever the reason, this year's Kite Day did not disappoint! I was only sad that since it was rescheduled from Friday to Tuesday, Hudson was in MDO and didn't get to come. But that's okay...a trip to San Juan is in the works for this summer and I can't wait for both Grace & Hudson to fly kites in El Morro!!!

Both Mimi & Noonie were able to come and Grace was over the moon happy to have her grandmas there with her.
A quick pic with mama......and then it was time to fly that kite!Getting that kite to fly was not easy! At first, there was barely any wind and it took some creative kite flying to get it up in the air...But we did it!Look at it go!Working the kinks out...Getting a little help from Daddy...I love this picture of Lance & Grace...LOVE!Happy Girl!Some of her sweet little friends...

Kennedy and her Daddy
Lovi and her DaddySolomon running really fast!Who needs a kite when you can throw a football instead!Forget the kites...we found mud!Boys hanging out...girls playing with the MUD! HA!Thank you, Mrs. Bryan for another super fun Kite Day!!

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