Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We've been having so much fun with St. Paddy's this year!Check out my cute little leprechauns...Thursday night we worked on a little project...a little someone was super excited to use a glue gun for the first time {yes, low heat...yes, I was right there}.Lucky pennies for her little friends......and one from the Leprechaun for Grace!
{free printable from Lisa Bacon, a house full of moxie
HERE}We also made these cute party favors...a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! {we used rolos and Easter twizzlers...idea via HERE}I spruced up our breakfast nook with all things "St. Paddy's"......and even decided to have fun with the littles' lunches!
{free printable
HERE}100% Leprechaun approved GREEN lunch!!
{idea via
HERE}For class snacks, I put together these little Lucky Charms cups and green milk - the kids LOVED it!
{idea via
HERE}After looking for four-leaf clovers, the little pumpkin and her class went on a scavenger hunt all around school looking for the Runaway Leprechaun. He was sooooo sneaky! It went something like this...

Oh no, our door is now locked. How did that happen???!
I think maybe the Leprechaun did it!Whaaaaat???I know, I know...the Leprechaun snuck out the back door!!!
That little sneaky Leprechaun...
Shhh...if he hears us, he'll run away...LOOK! He left his footprints!!!!Uh-oh, he made a mess of the room!I'm a little scared...But where did he go???Here, I found a clue!!He left us some snacks!!!Everyone look! He tried to eat a cupcake but dropped it and ran out when he heard us!!We have to be super quiet so we can catch him...Fun treats!The Leprechaun turned our milk green!!!!Little leprechauns...Two more cute little leprechauns...There, there, there...I see him!!!! WAIT! I think it's a GIRL LEPRECHAUN!! Let's go see if we can catch her...Maybe she's hiding in the principal's office...Nope, not there.Tip toe, tip toe...Where could that Leprechaun be???Maybe these third graders can help us!!Tip toe, tip toe...let's go back to our classroom...I see the final clue!!Fiddle dee dee, you can't catch me!
I've come to your room to play;
I'm sorry that I couldn't stay.
I've left you some gold,
and now you've been told:
I'll be back next St. Patrick's Day!
Look what the leprechaun left us...A pot of GOLD!!!Making magic Leprechaun Pudding...YUMMY!These cupcakes are mmm, mmm...GOOD!The girlies...The boys...
{we missed you, Bennett!}
As if that wasn't enough fun, after Grace got out of school, we joined Noonie for our special Friday treat...yum, Yum, YUMMY!What a super fun day!!Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


Heather L. said...

Wow, your day was so much fun!!! Grace's school does the cutest things. Love all the pictures, and the green lunch and snacks were awesome! You are one super mommy, and Grace and Hudson sure are LUCKY little kids to have such a great mom =)

Olivia said...

Oh my gosh! What a fun way to celebrate St. Patty's Day! They will for sure remember that. Love all those ideas. Thanks for sharing!