Thursday, March 29, 2012

I have a very excited 5 y/o little girl today!!!!!!!!!! {spring break previewI}

And why, you may ask??

Because we're going here...
...for lunch!!A little shopping too, of course ;)And maybe we'll even sneak in a little time on the ice!Hudson is excited too. He's bringing his {gator} to sit in one of the fancy doll chairs at the AG Bistro...he he he.

Hooray for Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!



Olivia said...

Have a great time! I can't wait to see what Grace gets. We are FINALLY getting a AG in Houston soon!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

How fun!! We have been there lots and it is always fun! If it isn't too late a little tip: take some of your own doll food-- hee hee... they don't give the doll any and my girls always want food for the dolls. Can't wait to see pictures.

Teresa said...

Oh Goodness, even I'm excited, can I come too?!

I'm thinking Noonie may be busy after this trip making Grace and her little Americal Girl matching outfits????

I wish they'd franchise and open an "Australian Girl" shop down here!

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