Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter {2012}

Some fun pics from our Easter weekend...

Sweet little bunny...
Aprons for my goddaughters...a little twist on the baskets I love to put together for them every year.Our little family after church...Lunch with Noonie and Papa J...
{tired, sleepy Hudson...poor baby!}
Blast from the past...
{Noonie saved these little bears for some 30+ years - they used to be mine! - Grace LOVES them!! Thank you, Noonie!}
Grrrrrr!Digging = FUN!Mulberries!! Yum!A visit from the Bunny...Requisite Sunday morning photo - HA!
{I'm lovin' my friend
Angel's idea and I think next year the Bunny will visit on Saturday so Sunday can be all about our Risen Lord - thanks, Angel!}"I want to be Max for Halloween..."
{ littles are obsessed with picking out halloween costumes!!}
"This book is soooo funny, Mama!!"I wonder if they'll notice if I eat this whole bunny before church...My favorite little Easter treat this year...isn't this lollie so cute??!?Another attempt at a pic of the littles TOGETHER...clearly this is not going to happen this morning...
{Hudson has started doing the dreaded "cheeeeese"}
Easter dinner at Aunt Marilyn & Mememaw's house...I big puffy heart LOVE this planter Aunt Marilyn designed!! It's not quite finished, but isn't it fab??!!Pretty girls......and one handsome little fella!Aunt Marilyn has a beautiful garden...Let's go get some eggs!!!Lainee...Tiffany and Grace..."I found the pinkest one!"What is this???Money!
{Wow, this Easter Bunny is fancy!}
That dollar bill was soon traded for much better currency...Thank you Aunt Marilyn & Mememaw!...and that was our weekend in a nutshell! Fun times!Hope you had a joy-filled weekend shared with loved ones and most importantly, celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ!
Happy Easter!



Carrie said...

What a wonderful celebration. I would love it if you would come share at our Happy Family Times link party at We are hoping to inspire all of us to have more family times.

Amanda @ Life, Experience Needed said...

Great photos! Love the aprons!

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of your blog for months & have never left a comment. Love the idea of the Bunny coming on Saturday. We might try that next year.

Virginia said...

I loved to see Hudson so eager about "digging in the dirt" with the big shovel. He is definitely all-boy! And Grace's expression when I gave her the little bears family...priceless! I'm glad I saved them for so many years! I'm wondering if they will survive for another generation to enjoy them.

Spears said...

I also love the idea of doing the Easter bunny thing on Saturday, to keep the focus on Christ on resurrection Sunday. Thanks for sharing the tip!

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!

Carrie~ I missed the linky party (closed by the time I got there)...will join next time!

TaDa! Creations said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Those little bears are such a fun treasure. I loved those Peter Rabbit pops too!

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