Friday, September 14, 2012

school picture day

She may be growing up, but I still can't help myself...had to put her in a sweet smocked bishop for her first official elementary school photo ;)
She said the dress is long and makes it hard for her to play and climb...I told her princesses love long gowns. She smiled and hopped out of the car.  Score 1 for mom.


Billie Jo said...

Love the dress, Jessica! Perfect for a school picture...Enjoy your weekend!

ADA said...

Love it! Quick thinking! Aidan refused to wear the shoes I wanted saying- Mom, pictures are just from the waist up. sniff sniff

Jennifer said...

Where do you get her sweet bishop dresses? I think I live too far north!

Jill Turner said...

Very cute! XO Jill

Angel said...

Love the sweet bishop dress. Adorable!