Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Project: Mini Me

The page-long instructions went something like this...
* this is a family project meant to be done over several days
* please do not use any food items on your Mini Me
* first paint your mini me or decoupage with paper in the appropriate skin color
* no crayons and do not hand your child markers and let them draw all over their Mini Me
* Mini Mes will be displayed in the classroom all year long {no pressure or anything, right?!}'s Mini Grace!
The little pumpkin's Mini Me! 
Pretty cute, huh?

We started out mixing orange and white paint to turn the white cardboard cutout a creamy shade of beige and then we went to work deciding what the Mini Me should wear...Oh, the joys of having a girly girl...this consultation took quite a bit of time - he, he.  

She described the dress and I sketched..."Absolutely, no pants!"  She finally settled on red, pink, and aqua blue {a girl after my own heart!} and a little apron "because I like to bake, mama!"
Lucky for us, Noonie lent us a helping hand...her sewing skills sure came in handy when working on itty bitty pieces!!
Grace helped push the fabric through...she's so excited to learn how to sew. "Soon," Noonie said, "soon."
{tongue out = the little pumpkin is concentrating!}
Several hours later, this little Mini Me was finished!
The instructions didn't say anything about the back side, but we decided to go ahead and make her as realistic as possible...
Awww...I love all her little details!
Check out her tiny bows, hand-tied apron...itty bitty ric rac...felt mary janes...
Grace was pretty excited to take her to school yesterday.  They will present their Mini Mes at the end of the week. 
This was a pretty fun project - I love to let her creative side shine! 


Holly said...

Wow! That is adorable!

Carrie said...

Oh my... SO cute! Def. an A+!!! Its like a paper doll, with real clothes :)

Amber said...

So adorable! Love all the small details....bows, button eyes, shoes, all of it! Love the pics of Miss G with her tongue out....hehe :)

Ashleigh said...

AHHHHH! This is my favorite project EVER!!! I asked Emme's little boy about it last week and he told me all of the DOs and DONTs. I remember when her oldest did it several years ago and I thought to myself "We HAVE to get into THAT school!!" TOoooooo cute. EG's rainbow class had a similar assignment......but I have a long, humorous post about the ME MUSEUM that I need to blog about by the end of this week!!

Jennifer Campbell said...

I love her mini me! My little girl is having to do a lifesize "me". I can't wait to work on it with her!

Redfly Classroom said...

Love it! Just found your blog---I think through Pinterest. I can't even remember now. But, I am following you on pinterest. LOVE, love, love your blog! So much happiness and creativity.

If you get a chance sometime, you'll have to stop by mine.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Absolutely adorable! My daughter had to do one for Kinder. class too. It looked nothing like yours. LOL!

Angel said...

Super Cute Mini Me! Love the details you created for it. Adorable :-)

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