Saturday, September 8, 2012


I'm late posting these pics - this was actually last Friday night, but when I told the littles we could have a Living Room Campout {about as close as I get to actual camping}, they were sooooooooooo excited!! Gobbled their pizza and rushed through their bubble baths just so they could hurry up and pile on the pallet I'd set up for them.

Movie choice: Ice Age something-one-another because I can't keep up with which one is which.

But the snacks - oh my, the junk food love fest snacks!  Smores, Gummy Bears, Popcorn and Orange Crush...healthy, I know.
Hudson barely watched the movie because he was literally bouncing off the walls furniture...
...until he crashed! But oh my, he's such a little snuggler that his pleas won over and I ended up sleeping on the floor cozied up between the littles all night.
These two were a hoot! I ♥ family fun nights.
My back may have suffered sleeping on the floor, but I wouldn't trade it for the world...spending quality time with my favorite people is what it's all about.
Hope you're having a fun weekend with your favorite big and little people!

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