Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back to the Magic Kingdom...Cinderella's Royal Table! {Disney Day 2}

...but really I should title it "WARNING:  PICTURE OVERLOAD!!" {consider yourself warned!}

I have to give a quick shout out to Allison and her cuties Hadley & Hampton who I had the chance to meet while at Disney!!  Allison is a sweet blog reader and I'm so glad that in the middle of the Disney craziness we stumbled upon each other on our family's first day there and she came up to say hi!!  So fun!  Hi, Allison! :)

We started our second day bright and early and headed back to the Magic Kingdom.  Grace insisted on wearing her Princess Ariel costume and we were headed to breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table so why not??!
Hudson loooooved these giant Toy Story decorations!
My girly girl!!!
I just can't help myself ;)
Back at the castle!!!!!!!
{I was almost as excited as the little pumpkin...there's just something so magical about seeing your little girl all excited and speechless when meeting the princesses for the first time!!}
Such a sweet moment...
Right away we were greeted in the foyer by Cinderella and the littles had their official Royal photograph taken with her...they were awestruck and a little shy, but boy, by the time we finished breakfast they were little pros when it came to posing with the princesses!!
Then we rode in the littles' favorite elevator to our table and soon after Princess Aurora stopped by for a little visit...
Grace was given her magic wand and Hudson his sword...
Then breakfast was served. The food at Cinderella's Royal Table was dELish!!!
When the official music came on we made our Wishing Star wishes...
...and sealed them with a kiss for good luck ;)
And then the moment she had been waiting for............................. Oh, she was so cute, all nervous and giddy and speechless... her favorite princess, Ariel!
Hudson wasn't so sure, so he took his sword for good measure ;)
Princess Jasmine stopped by...
...and then Grace's second favorite: Snow White!
She was super sweet and soooo friendly. Love her!
Hudson liked her too...
...but he liked this knight even better!
After breakfast we headed back to the Castle Couture store to let the little pumpkin pick out some charms for her charm bracelet...
{Helpful tidbit...bring your own bracelet! We brought her James Avery one - thanks, Aunt Segi! - and were so glad we did. The ones there that fit her were either hot pink or turquoise and not very sturdy}
Meet Princess Grace...
{Another helpful tidbit...bring your own comfy "princess" shoes!!  These sparkly ones were from Target and I probably could have sold 20 pairs while I was there!}
Fun picture spot!
love, Love, LOVE Cinderella's wicked stepmother and the stepsisters!!!!
They were SO funny and they stayed in character the whole time!!
I even had to get in there for a quick pic!
A quick change of clothes for the princess and a little break with the mid-day parade...
Then we were off to ride some "boy" rides for Hudson :)
We went to our hotel early so we could take a break before the special festivities that night. When we got to our hotel...Mickey Mail! Mickey Mail that day was a super silly game...the littles had 2 minutes to put on all the bandaids in their box all over themselves. Oh my, the giggles!! Sometimes it's the little things, I tell ya!
And then we headed back to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party...
That's where we met up with Grace's buddy Julien from school and his family, dear friends of ours - woo hoo!!  Soooo fun that both of our families were able to go to Disney at the same time!!
We had a blast and of course, we had to ride the teacups again before we could call it a night!!
We had dinner at The Crystal Palace {so pretty at night}, where we were able to meet Winnie the Pooh and friends...
{Helpful tidibit: yummy buffet with lots of child-friendly options and a super fun mini character parade all through the restaurant for the kids to join in...the littles loved this restaurant/meal.}
Then we were off to watch the super fun Christmas parade followed by hot cocoa and cookies!
The castle at Christmas...magical!!!
What a looooong day, but boy, was it fun!!


Sue said...

I am loving your Disney posts, and have one question for you. It looks like you were there Thanksgiving week, am I right? How bad were the crowds and the wait times for the rides? We love taking our grands there and that week off school would be perfect but I am always a little nervous of the crowds.
Thanks ~ love all of your Christmas posts too:-)

EverydayAdventuresWithKids said...

I really love your blog and your Disney posts are making me super excited for trip to Disney in April. Love your pictures and your littles are SO cute! Thanks for sharing! What hotel did you stay at?

Anonymous said...

So we are going to Disney in 22 days so I'm loving your posts, keep 'em coming! It will be my first trip ever and i'm taking a 6yo boy and 5yo princess-obsessed girl. Tell me about the charm bracelet! I'm trying to make sure we have everything we need. And temperature-wise, were you comfortable in capris and short sleeves during the day? I have the kids clothes figured out but no idea what I'll be wearing!

Jessica said...

Hi, Sue! Yes, we were there November 15 - 22, from the Thursday before Thanksgiving until Thanksgiving Day. As far as crowds are concerned, I don't really have much to compare it too since this was our first visit in a looooooooong time!! Like since my husband and I were teenagers some 20+ years ago!! It did seem to get more crowded as Thanksgiving week rolled along. Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios were the most crowded while we were there. But all in all, we really did not wait in very many long lines at all!

Hayden~ We stayed at one of Disney's value resorts, the All-Star Movies Resort:

The littles loved the huge Toy Story figures in the section of the hotel where our room was located.

I do have to say though, I looooooved Disney's Grand Floridian which we visited for one of our character meals and plan on staying there next time!! :)

Okay, charm bracelet...we brough our own! My daughter has a James Avery charm bracelet that a dear friend of ours gave her for her 5th birthday and that's the one we brought with us. We bought the charms there (they were inexpensive...around $3-5/each). I was glad we brought our own bracelet because the clasps on the ones I saw there (Magic Kingdom Castle Couture) were not very secure and they were not sterling silver either.

Weather...most days it was in the 60s and 70s so yes, very comfortable during the day. On Monday before Thanksgiving Day it was super windy and chilly too! I mainly wore skinny jeans and long sleeve tops and I was very comfy. Added a jacket at night when it dipped down. The littles wore a combination of short and long-sleeve and everyone seemed to do fine! :)

I have some friends there right now and they said it's been in the 70s during the day. Hope that helps! You'll have so much fun!!

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