Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho...Merry Christmas!

Right after we returned from Disney, we made our annual trip to visit Santa. The littles were super excited this year. We've gone to the same photographer for Santa pics since Grace was 8 months old - he is FaBUloUS and I love seeing the progression in pics year after year!!

I L.O.V.E. this sweet pic of the littles when they saw Santa for the first time!!
{we always do the "hush Santa" pic first, where the kids are seated first and then Santa just sneaks into the picture behind the chair, going "shhhh" with his finger to his mouth...this worked great when they were wee little ones and scared of Santa!}
Grace's turn!
Santa, I reaaaally want McKenna, the American Girl of the Year...
Hudson's turn!
Hmmmmm......Why is he talking to me?  I'm.....not sure.....I want to talk to the big jolly fella..... Legos, I would like Legos, thank you.
Christmas 2012!
Grace 5 yrs. 9 mo. ~ Kindergarten
Hudson 3 yrs. 6 mo. ~ K3 Preschool
Oh, the memories!!
I've been feeling extra sentimental lately...
{2007}, {2008} - still my faves!, {2009}, {2010}, and {2011}.

I just overheard this and I absolutely LOVE it:
"I wish people would start asking kids what they're giving for Christmas instead of asking them what they want."  Love, Love it!!

Hope you are having a joy-filled December!


todell said...

We have had to do the hush photo for the past two years. All three photos are great!

lillymac said...

precious photos! where do you find Grace's big bows? can't seem to find the BIG ones that stay poofy. ;)

Jessica said...


The bows were from a local bakery, of all places!! The owner's wife used to make them and sell them on the side but then they expanded to a second location and she no longer makes them - boo! :( I so miss them!!