Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seaside {2013}

I have so much to share from our family beach vacay, but this pretty much sums it up: We fell in LOVE with Seaside, FL!!! So much so that we have already started planning our next trip.

Seaside is sort of like stepping back in time, but with all of the conveniences of modern day, if that makes sense. I'll be sharing lots more pics of all the fun places we visited, but for now, how about some beach pics!
I loooooooved all of the entry points into the beach...each one had unique architecture - I couldn't get enough of it! 
I wish I had not cut off her little hands in this picture - boo! Love my sweet little pumpkin!
Sweetest little fella!
The littles...4 and mama heart is full!
Two of my loves...
My other sweet love...
How did I get so lucky?
Our little family...
{thank you to the sweet voleyball-playing young lady who snapped this for us!!}
Still mama's little baby boy...even if he is growing by leaps and bounds!
I love this one! Grace LOVES the water, I mean LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEESSSS it. It took everything she had not to jump right in. When I snapped this pic, she was standing there at the edge just taking it all in, her eyes closed and her long hair just blowing in the salty air...
And this little fella LOVES the SAND so they are quite a pair - ha!!! He's so-so about the ocean but the sand, oh my! He is on cloud nine playing in the sand. I love that I was able to capture a bit of that in this picture.
Such sweet memories we have from our time in Seaside the first week of August. Can't wait to share more with you!
This may just be my favorite!  Just as we were taking pics, this sweet couple walked by, hand in hand.  I couldn't help myself and just *had* to take a picture.  I hope this is us 40 years from now!
And just to keep it real...this is sweet + silly littles.  Life with a 4 year old and a 6 year old is never boring!  he he he
Happy Sunday!


Karen said...

For just a random person taking it that is a great family picture. All the pictures are great. Can you go wrong when the ocean is your back drop?

Unknown said...

Beautiful pix! Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

Queen of Good Intentions said...

I think I might be jealous! Missing your posts. This busy time of year is the time I struggle with my littles growing up the most. Funny how I find such encouragement from you to keep on keeping on finding the good in everyday & embracing who God made us... I keep checking your blog. Hope all is well. Missing hearing about all your fun. Hope you're busy celebrating!

Mimi said...

Seaside . . . definitely a little glimpse into Heaven on earth!! It's been our favorite spot for nearly 20 years. Can't beat all those neat little towns all around it either. So glad you had fun and love your pictures. Your babies are precious!! Also love the couple holding hands.

Angel said...

What a beautiful vacation ! Love all the pics and the little's outfits. So sweet.

Jessica said...

Thanks girls!
I have *yet* to blog the rest of our trip! *tear*
Still plan on trying to go through all the 543,210 pics and post a few!!

Unknown said...

We're planning a trip to seaside and would love to hear about your trip!!