Friday, September 2, 2011

cinco de september??? why not!

So the finale to "M" week at the little pumpkin's preschool was - you guessed it - Mexico Day!

The little senorita...
They could wear or bring something that was related to Mexico. Last year she took some maracas Noonie & Papa J had brought home from one of their cruises, but this year I couldn't find them so we dug through her closet and this was the closest ensemble that I could come up with that to me said "fiesta"!

They made quesadillas in class for their snack and according to her teacher she gobbled them up! He he he...I guess she takes after her Daddy who loves Mexican food like no other!

Hudson and I were shopping near her school when it was time for the pinata so we decided to stop by and see her in action. When we pulled up, this is what we saw:So cute! Love all those littles in sombreros!

First round...with the blindfold!
Grace and Caroline were in Gymboree together and attended the same storytime at the library when they were itty bitty...can't believe how big these little girls have gotten in just a couple of years!Round 2...without the intense!Caroline's her expression!She's too little to be taking out frustrations on the pinata, but oh my!The 3 amigos :)
More sweet friends...I think the heat was getting to them!
FINALLY! One big WHACK y el burrito se rompio scattering los dulces y jugetes all over the place! (how's that for a little spanish mixed in...he he he)Pandemonium!Her favorite thing out of all the loot...another little ducky for her 30+ bathtub collection! Little brother enjoying a treat too! Yum!Feliz Cinco de Mayo...en septiembre!Added: Poor 'lil thing...she was so worn out when we got home she had to take a little siesta! Must have been a fun day, indeed!


Virginia said...

Cute, cute, cute !!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry I missed it for being "under the weather".

Kris said...

How cute! Her school sure does some cute activities!!! Love those serapes!!!
Jessica, I mention you and your blog on my blog post today.
Have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

Jessica said...

Awwww....thank you Kris!!! You're too sweet to think of me!

Noonie~ we missed you too! The little pumpkin wants a raincheck on "Special Friday Treat" :)