Thursday, August 6, 2009

anything for a smile

Hudson likes to fight sleep...A LOT! After a while, he gets so desperate his little arms get just a going and he often ends up punching himself in the nose which makes him MAD. The only way to calm him down is to feed him (again) or walk around showing him something new, which defeats the whole purpose of soothing him down to a drowsy stage OR set him up for a mini photo shoot - ha, ha, ha! Stumbled upon this one by coincidence, so guess which one I pick now??? And yea, you won't find this one in the Babywise book :)

Unless it's the middle of the night and then no walking, no pictures, just good ole fashion baby asleep on mama's chest in mama & daddy's bed (a bad habit to break I know, but hey it's 2 am and mama needs her 3 hrs. of sleep).

So for a little fun...

Yea, I'm tired, but I'm NOT giving in.
I'm stubborn...just like my daddy (ha, ha, hon - just kidding, I know he gets it from both of us :) In case you didn't notice, I'm ignoring you mama. Wait a minute, what is that? You tricked me! But I'm not giving in...I'm not giving...I'm not... Okay, you win! You are very silly, mama! He's so much fun!


Meandmyboys said...

Fighting sleep sounds like something his older sister did when she was a baby :) What a cutie pie he is, and sleep is sleep, no matter if it's in his bed or on his mama...we all need our sleep!

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