Wednesday, August 26, 2009

{let me love on you}

Everytime I hear those words from Grace it melts my heart. She's such a loving child, always making sure that everyone's taken care of in the love department :) When she needs snuggle time, she comes right to me and tells me, "let me love on you" followed by a kiss, a big hug, and a lingering neck snuggle while either being picked up or sitting on my lap. Gosh, I wish I could bottle it up and save it for years down the road when she no longer wants to sit in my lap... Sleep being a precious commodity around here, while Hudson is napping during the day I try to get her to not be too rowdy, so when he wakes up (or is showing any signs of movement, LOL) she runs to me and LOUDLY tells me, "HE's AWAKE!!! I can talk to him!" :) She's always sharing for mama, one for daddy, one for my for Jaxon (dog)...and she's also quick to say, "I'm going to share Hudson's moo moo (insert object of desire here). He's letting me share it. I can share it." ha, ha, ha

Today as I was going over some life insurance paperwork to select a new policy, the topic of our own mortality became very real to me. Nothing like having kids to make you think of these things!

Dear God,
Please let me have many, many, many, many more years to love on these two sweet munchkins. Thank you for who they are! Please keep them, our entire family, and our friends safe.

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