Friday, August 14, 2009

on parade

Our friends Thomas & Julie's little boy Preston turned one this past Saturday and had the cutest wagon themed birthday party, complete with a parade down to the local fire station which happens to be right down the street from their house. Here's the birthday boy digging in to his smash cake! I LOVE one year olds and their cakes!!! Crazy as it sounds I would love a wall gallery of nothing but one year olds and their cakes - they always have the best expressions as they're digging in. Preston just happens to have the coolest birthday date too 08-08-08, how's that for a lucky number!!! Here we are ready to join Preston for his fun parade Check out that smile - even Hudson was having a good time! Wagons on Parade! And yea, we dropped the ball. Both Lance and I read the invitation and neither one of us remembered the part about decorating your wagon (sleep deprivation side effect?). Luckily Amanda came to the rescue with some pink balloons and sparkly garlands for our wagon - thanks Amanda!!!

And favorite wagon award goes to...........the Anderson's! Love their ambulance!! Hudson and his cousin Davin, 3 mo. his senior, meet for the first time! Just hanging out ;) Grandmas and their grandsons And our attempt at a family photo to document Hudson's first time at a birthday party :) Happy 1st birthday, Preston!! We love you!


marble rose said...

LOL - your family portrait made me laugh - it is so sweet!!!

I have never heard of a wagon party - how genius is that!? I love it! Hmm I have 3 girls - how can I persuade one of them? Need to get a wagon first I think!


PS - thanks for your lovely comment on my pencil cases - I wasn't sure anybody goes there!

Sweet P Preston said...

Thanks so much for the post. I have not had time to post it on Preston's. Thank you all so much for coming. And Preston loves his gifts.

Jessica said...

Fleur~ I love your pencil cases!!

Julie~ We had a blast! I have lots more cute pics but I'm saving them all for you :)

Anonymous said...

what a cool party theme! my mother's birthday is 8/8/80!!

Jessica said...

I love fun number dates!!

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