Tuesday, August 11, 2009

monkey business

It's no secret the little pumpkin is crrrrazzzy about Curious George. She loves to watch him on tv, play with her two little stuffed georges, and even "bring him along" on our daily adventures. There's even been a time or two that poor George has gotten blamed for all the mischief around our house. That monkey, I tell you.

But this past Saturday it was ME who was going bananas over a special treasure left on our doorsteps by the postman. Imagine my delight when I opened a package to find this: Yes, an authentic vintage Curious George lunchbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait. It gets even better. It belonged to my SIL Heather's grandma. Now you all know how close I am to my own grandma, so to know it came from her grandma was icing on the cake. Heather~ you have NO IDEA how touched I was that you would give something with such sentimental value to us. It has found a very special place in Hudson's room...and in my heart. To boot, the lunchbox was filled with the sweetest little baby items. Thank you so much Herman, Heather, Emerson, & Marshall!!! Grace loved her outfit and especially the stickers that adorned the package :) We love you and miss you! XOXO


Meandmyboys said...

Oh thank goodness!! I was getting so nervous the post office had lost it, then I would have gone BANANAS :) Glad everyone liked their little goodies! I have to tell you that the blanket you gave Marshall when he was born is his FAVORITE! He cannot sleep without it and if he is upset, hurt, or sad he must have his blankie, super sweet that it just isn't any old blanket but one from his family!

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