Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome Home, Noonie!

While you were on your trip, we stole Papa J for a little lunch date. We made penny - ah, no make that quarter wishes :) We played Ring around the Rosie 'till we were dizzy in our bellies.
We acted goofy by pretending we were going to jump in the fountain. And we missed you bunches! So glad you'll be home tonight! We love you!


Virginia said...

I'm glad that you all had such a fun time together! I missed you all too. I'm glad, however, that I got to spend those two weeks taking care of Mama (Tata) in Puerto Rico. I have engraved in my heart her beautiful smile,the loving way she looks at me and the tenderness of her wrinkled hands caressing my hair, face and arms plus all the words and phrases that she was able to talk to me. There is nothing like a Mother's touch and love! No matter your age, you never outgrow that need.

Love always, Mom/Noonie

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