Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Playdate Fun

Today my dear friend Bridgette and I took advantage of $2 Tuesdays and met up at the local science discovery center to let the kiddos run around and later get a bite to eat at a local pizzeria. We tried to catch up in between all the "don't run over there" and "stay where mommy can see you"' and "those are not yours, we need to share" bits which seem to come with the territory :) All kidding aside, our little toddler duo did great together and if the nap time radar at my house is any indicator we need to do this ALL the time - ha, ha, ha!

Hayden & Grace mesmerized by this exhibit. Aren't they so cute standing side by side?! Oooooh, dirt! (they could have played here all day) Ahoy, Captain Hayden! Loving some macaroni science Off they go! Thanks for joining us Bridgette & Hayden!! Let's do it again real soon, 'kay?

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TaDa! Creations said...

Looks like they had a ton of fun together. We need to get out and go to our Children's Museum too, before the Clifford exhibit is gone. Thanks for the reminder!