Thursday, August 20, 2009

lookie, lookie...what do you see?

Notice anything different???? Did you guess right?...................................................Give up yet? Yup! The little pumpkin now has pierced ears!!! She's been talking about earrings FOREVER - well at least for 6-9 months, but that's forever for a 2 1/2 year old, right? It all started when she would sit in my lap in the rocker in her nursery, push my hair back and say, "Mama's earrings so pretty...Grace no earrings".

Being the girly girl she is, every couple of days for the last few months I would catch her in my jewelry pulling out earrings and exclaiming, "Oooh..these are be-au-ti-ful. I loooooove them, Mama. Wanna put them on me?"

So after talking it over, Lance and I decided it was okay with us to have her ears pierced. After all, we had talked about doing it when she was a baby, but then she was a preemie and then time just went by and on and on and on and we just put it off.

So today was THE day.

After picking out a pair - little pink tourmaline studs (October's birthstone...yes, even though Grace's birthstone is aquamarine...the girl is crazy about pink, what can I say?) - it was time to sit in THE chair. Getting a little antsy as Ms. Allison set everything up. See her hand? Even Dora came along for moral support :)

Sitting in Mama's lap worked much better. Getting the tiny dots all lined up. She did so well! First up was her right ear - she let out a tiny little cry and that was it. Then came her left ear - knowing what to expect I think scared her more than anything. But she didn't really cry out loud until Ms. Allison cleaned her ears a second time after they were pierced. She DID NOT like the alcohol swabs at all! Here's proof: A hug and cuddle with Mama made it all better. And as soon as that was over, she was off to pick out some new girly bracelets. Her reward for being so brave! So sweet - little piggies and little sparkly studs! Later at home she kept making her pouty face and telling me, "I got ouchie in my ear. Kiss it mama." That pouty face gets me everytime! Followed seconds later by "I love pink earrings!" My little pumpkin looks so cute in her tiny pink earrings!


Sweet P Preston said...

such a brave girl. i remember getting my ears pierced when i was four (i have never had to have them repierced).

love the pink earrings too, grace.

TaDa! Creations said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with how well she handled that. She sure is a girly girl to know she wanted her ears pierced at such a young age. My girls haven't even mentioned it yet. I'm excited for when they do though, to be able to say "Yes!"

Cori said...

Love your dainty earrings, Little Pumpkin! Thank you for coming to Abram's party. I hope you and your brother had fun!

Jenn said...

She is so so sweet!! LOVE her new accessory!! Perfect for the perfect little girly girl :)

take a bow Jenn

jammiebarnes said...

I remember when I had my ears pierced. It was traumatic, but then I quickly forgot because I had "real" earings. Grace looks so sweet! Here's to being a girl:)