Sunday, November 1, 2009

my little goblins

HaLlOweEn was sooooooooo much fun!!!!!! Of course, it helps when you have these two little ones around to make you smile from ear to ear. Check out the sweetest, yummiest little cUpCAke ever! The little pumpkin recently learned to balance on one leg without holding on to anything. She is now obsessed with balancing this pumpkin. And what about this cute and squishable little tOoTsiE RoLL? He was such a good sport to wear the costume all night with his little head poking through :) We started the festivities a day early by going to the science discovery center, where Grace learned all about the skeleton and even had a chance to dig for bones. And she even had a taste of the wItCheS' bReW (rootbeer - her first!) before calling it a night. Then Halloween day after we made and packaged a bunch of these we packed up and headed to our friends Thomas & Julie's house where we co-hosted a mini carnival for the little ones.

But first we went trick-or-treating and had lots of fun! We got lots of goodies including one pink lollie that we just had to eat right away :) and then headed to the CaRNiVaL!! We bobbed for apples, took a turn reeling in goodies at the fish pond, put the patch on the scarecrow and just had a great time hanging out with our friends. Unfortunately, my photographic skills in the pitch black night were not too great and most photos ended up looking like this one :( But now that I look at it, it looks like some sort of holographic tube! ha, ha, ha

And before we could call it a night, we took a swings at the pinata. Here's cousin Carson giving it a good one! Grace's turn! And I love that in the middle of everyone going crazy over the candy, Grace took the time to grab a little piece and give it to Parker just to make sure he got some. God bless this little girl - she has a heart of gold!

Thank you Julie for this sweet, sweet picture of our little cupcake and tootsie roll! What great memories of Hudson's first Halloween! All in all a SpOokTAcuLar night!


Amy Bell said...

oh the cuteness! i love those costumes...i am sending your canvas tomorrow and i cannot find your address! boo to that!

will you email me your address?

so sorry!

Two Little Tots said...

oh cute! where did you get the cupcake costume? i would love to know!

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies!

Amy~ I emailed you my address :)

Kaylin & Mara's mama~ your girls are too cute!! The cupcake costume is from Pottery Barn Kids.

TaDa! Creations said...

Oh my goodness! What adorable little "sweets" you had for Halloween. LOVE their costumes! Glad you all had such a fun week-end.

Two Little Tots said...

thanks for letting me know...i thought it was. i am thinking i might make them next year! keep you posted. sad that i know what they might be next year!