Saturday, February 27, 2010

premature gray

Since having my bundle-of-energy chunky monkey I've noticed grays popping up right on top of my head. First just one. PLUCK! Then two. PLUCK, PLUCK. Then four. NO KIDDING. So maybe the old wives tale if you pluck one, two will grow in its place really is true.

True or not, they seem to be growing in a little too quickly for my liking. Maybe it's the age, 30-something and holding, or maybe it has a teeny weeny bit to do with the fact that this little boy keeps me on my toes every single moment of the day.

A gorgeous Saturday, mid to high 50s, a bit windy, but with a perfectly lined sun casting warm sunshine to make us giddy with anticipation for all things spring. So off to the duck pond park we go.

We had so much fun. The monkey bars calling the little pumpkin in and she responded by hanging tight and then beaming with pride at her daddy's approving smile.This little guy had fun swinging at the park for the first time. His belly laugh so contagious even passerbys stopped to get a chuckle too. We tried our best to tempt the ducks with our bread crumbs, just like LAST YEAR, but their bellies must have been full from all the other park goers that came out on this glorious day. Right after that, Hudson's wet diaper leaked - so much for the free sample of "New and Improved Pampers Cruisers" I received in the mail. Sorry, but I'll be sticking with our trusted ones.

So while the little pumpkin enjoyed some Daddy-Daughter time, I placed Hudson in his stroller and started making the slightly uphill walk back to the car to change him. Although we have a standard travel system, more times than not, we use this Graco stroller frame and just snap in Hudson's carseat because it's lighter, more compact, and turns easier. Well, apparently this lighter frame is not intended for park pavement.

30 yards or so from our car, as I'm pushing slightly uphill, the ENTIRE carseat (with Hudson in it, mind you) flips over OFF the frame and lands face down on the pavement. Of course, you can imagine my scream. Lots of mamas with kiddos ran to us as I madly flipped the carseat over out of the way and scooped up my baby boy out from under it. His loud sobs making me fear the worst.

I quickly checked him from head to toe as another mom went to find Lance & Grace who came running to us, a sight to behold - mama and baby on the ground amidst a circle of park goers.

Somehow, defying all odds, he had NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH on his sweet little body. All I can guess is that by the POWER OF GOD his blanket landed first helping to cushion the fall and preventing his face from smashing into the ground. His cries were out of fear and not out of hurt. After I held him a minute or so he calmed down and started babbling sweetly once again.

We took him to the car and stripped him naked, checking every part of his body for any signs of broken bones or dislocations. Our little boy was okay. His mama, not so much. Forget premature gray. This little one is going to give his mama a coronary before he leaves the house!

On a serious note~ THANK YOU JESUS for watching over our little Hudson today and EVERY DAY!


TaDa! Creations said...

Oh my! I felt as if I was right there with you, watching it happen. Those cries of fear from a baby are just as scary as the "I'm hurt" cries. So glad the little man is ok.

Jenn said...

HOW SCARY!!! SO GLAD he is ok and you all seem to have recovered!


Heather L. said...

Oh my goodness!!!! That is so scary! My heart sank just reading that. I am so glad he is ok. You must have been scared to death.

On a side note, I can totally relate to the boy thing and gray hair - I swear, Carter gets into everything and has ZERO fear. He climbed to the top of the stairs within seconds the other day because one of my girls left the gate open. It must be a boy thing - the girls never, ever did stuff like that.