Thursday, May 26, 2011

beach week!

I've been lovin' these past few school units...especially last week's unit: Beach & Ocean Week!

On Friday, the kiddos could wear their swimsuit under a cover-up and then after lunch, they went to a local spray ground/splash park and had the best time during Beach Day!
Grace makes me laugh every day. Just the other morning as I was wearing my bathrobe, she came in and using her I'm-trying-to-be-very-grown-up voice said to me, "Ooooh, I like your towel shirt - nice, very nice mama." HA!

So here she is wearing her "towel dress" right before school.
(please ignore the sad state of my potted flowers!)
Water = Good Times! Look who got to join in on the fun!! Some fun shots...

Sunblock time for Emma!
(Grace loved Emma's Little Mermaid swimsuit...asked me how come I never buy cartoon character clothes...HA! She's on to me!)
Grace's buddy Julien
Grace's swimming BFF, McKinley!Solomon, who always has the best smiles! Isabella having fun with Hudson...can you tell she has a little brother??? he he he...such the little caretaker! Sweet Kennedy After running and splashing for a good was time for...SNOWCONES!! Yes! We brought cotton candy snowcones for all the kiddos (thanks for helping me carry everything, Noonie!) and they LOVED them...especially Hudson :) And check out these cute snacks Mrs. Peterson made!!!Snowcones + about a sugar rush! HA!

Can't wait for summer!!!


Amber said...

I can't decide if I like Grace's comment on the towel shirt or the Little Mermaid bathing suit most :) We are in a heap of trouble with or two sweet girls :)

Lindsey said...

I don't buy cartoon character anything either!!! I love the splash day!

Jessica said...

Yes ma'am, Amber!! :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one, Lindsey!! I love Bennett's wardrobe and I can't wait to see sweet Henry!

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