Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"blueberry monster"

This little fella l-o-v-e-s blueberries. No cookie monster here - okay, maybe one of those too - but let's just call him the blueberry monster! This little pumpkin is rather picky when it comes to food, but she LOVES to bake, and of course, loves blueberries too.This, here, is exhibit A.Proof positive that a) my littles DO eat some healthy breakfasts...he he he... like these blueberry muffins we made from the last of the blueberries we picked this summer; and b) they DO get to wear cartoon character clothing...albeit in pajamas - HA!...but who's counting, right? They did ask if they could put nutella on the BLUEBERRY muffins - What???!! NO!!It's been a crazy couple of days getting ready for back-to-school, some fun party projects and pulling double duty as the mister has been away for business these past couple of days - so excited he comes home tonight!

All the while, I managed to pinch a nerve in my lower back - OUCH is all I can say. I have no idea how I did it but it HURTS. Sure does open up my eyes to people who suffer from debilitating conditions or disabilities.

A couple of fun pics...typical Grace & Hudson:
Ha Ha, I got it! As soon as he puts it down, it's MINE!
(what is "it" you ask? old, EMPTY wooden crate - why?)
My cute-mischevious-cuddly little guy! Oh, how I love you two! You truly are the sunshine in my life! Hope you're enjoying these last weeks of summer before all the hustle-n-bustle of a new school year!

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