Sunday, August 28, 2011

busy weekend...random thoughts

I'm a bit behind on answering emails - sorry if I haven't responded to you yet...Hudson was a bit under the weather last week. Luckily as the weekend approached, he seemed much better.

Friday night we made it to the ballpark for Abram's 4th birthday. Fun, Fun! Happy Birthday, Abe!

I don't know about where you live, but oh my, it's still H-O-T here, like 100+ hot. We had to leave Abram's party early b/c this little pumpkin couldn't hack the heat. She said she felt sick.

I thought maybe she was coming down with something and felt incredibly guilty for possibly exposing the other kiddos at the party without knowing, but as soon as we got into the car and turned on the a/c, she felt miraculously "cured". Fall can't come fast enough for us!Saturday we went to my youngest goddaughter's birthday. So hard to believe this teeny tiny girl is already 3! Oh, how we love you Ella Kate!

Oh and can you spot the feather in her hair?? Such a little trendsetter! She does have an 8 y/o big sis! he he he But can someone explain to me the hair feather trend??? And "planking" while you're at it. I feel so out of the loop!Is it just me or does this not make you think of a 3D ultrasound??! HA!Happy 3rd Birthday, Ella Kate! Madeline & Ella have a super fun playground their daddy built that my littles love. I think we may have to give gymnastics a second try...This little monkey is a pro...he can hang on forever!Today we managed to slow down a & lunch with Noonie & Papa J at one of our favorite mexican restaurants. Did I mention this little pumpkin has just started PSR? Parish School of Religion...Sunday School in the Catholic church. Today was her 2nd week.Best attempt at a sweet picture today. This little guy is ON.THE.GO all the time!Do you ever look ahead at your week and wonder, "how in the world am I going to get all of this done?" That is exactly how I feel about this week coming up. Aaaaaah, I want to run and hide!

And totally off topic, but I've got Halloween on the brain. My littles have decided they want to be a Pirate Princess and a Fire-spitting Dragon. make those look 'cute'. HA! Ideas?


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