Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what about meeeee?

Anytime we talk about school, Hudson says, "what about meeee?" he he he...guess he can't wait for his "school" {Mother's Day Out} to start!Well, today he got part of his wish. Although school doesn't start until after Labor Day for him, his MDO had a little open house this morning for the children to meet the teachers and for the parents to drop off supplies.

Oh my, {this} was last year. Check out how much he's grown! *sniff, sniff*
He had so much fun exploring that room from top to bottom. How does this work, Daddy?Hudson's hair is so straight and grows SO FAST! No matter how we try to side part it, it just hangs straight down. Soooooo...he's getting a BIG, BIG boy haircut! Mimi is going to work her magic on it and next time you see his pic, it should look lots different. I'm a bit nervous...I don't want him to look too grown up.Hmmmm...let me come right over here and pretend I'm cooking so I can check out this pretty guuuurrrl...I'm so excited for Hudson to be in Mrs. Maria and Mrs. Patti's class! Grace had them too when she was in the 2 y/o MDO class and they are just the sweetest! And yes, he was too busy unwrapping a lollie to look up for a pic and Mrs. Maria was looking at him so it's a bit of a crazy pic, but a milestone pic nonetheless :)Don't grow up too fast, okay buddy??
Mama LOVES her baby boy to pieces!


Virginia said...

Even though I see him every week I'm amazed at how much Hudson has grown and changed in just one year!
I guess we do not notice these changes until we compare with pictures from the previous year. He looked all chubby and baby-ish last year... and now he is such a big boy! Noonie loves you so much, Hudson.

Jessica said...

And Hudson is crazy about yo too, Noonie! Just wait until you see him after today's haircut!!! BIG, BIG BOY! *sniff, sniff*