Thursday, August 11, 2011

picnic at the fairground {Lulu & Co.}

I'm in love with these Denyse Schmidt fabrics! Here's a little sneak peek of our most recent if my sewing machine will cooperate and make those buttonholes we'd be all set!

Why do machines always give you trouble on the very.last.step??? Arrrrgggghhh!


Kris said...

Isn't this the new line for Joann's? I was there last night and couldn't find them!

Jessica said...

Yes, it sure is! My JoAnn's had about 5 of the prints. I picked up 4 of them a couple of weeks ago when they were 40% off. I think JoAnn's has had the line for some time, but mine just recently stocked it. Maybe ask them??? They may be selling out as quickly as they get it in?

Amber said...

I love it even more!!! I am making a trip to JoAnn's tomorrow. My has all but the light background fabric. Maybe they will have more in Mansfield (which I will be in tomorrow).