Friday, August 26, 2011

school is in session!

The little pumpkin's first week is officially coming to a close in 1 hr! It has been a great back-to-school week!

Today they were talking about all the symbols that people often associate with school, including school buses, so I sent these cute cupcakes with the little pumpkin so she could share them with her friends.Aren't they cute? I found the original recipe {here} on the Sizzle-N-Spice blog. Super easy to make too!This first week's unit has been all about...I love this fun mobile the littles in Grace's class made. Each little shape has some personal information like my phone school...Today was Grace's turn to fill & share the "treasure chest". She had to come up with 3 clues to see if her friends could guess what she had placed in the treasure chest {her red beaded necklace}.But I think my most favorite project from this week has been the "Me Magazine"! So cute! I love all the drawings the little pumpkin made and the answers she gave. Just love it.I recently cleaned up and rearranged a bit the small desk and wall space right off our kitchen by our breakfast table. I plan on clipping the littles' artwork on the chalkboards hanging on the wall, which makes rotating them a breeze. Everything is a bit mismatched - I like it that way - nothing too serious around here :)Notice the little quilted "be kind" sign? Here, take a closer look...Well, it's actually a "mug rug" - I must admit I had no clue what a mug rug was until my friend Amber called it that...he he's like a little coaster for your coffee/tea. But I.LOVE.IT and I'm using it as a mini banner!!! It's our motto for this school year and I love having that sweet reminder right by our homework station! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Amber for the sweet gift - what a nice surprise to receive something so pretty in the mail!

So 1 week down...2 homework project assignments completed...10 books read...I think it's going to be a FUN, BUSY, and GREAT year!

Yay for it being Friday!


Amber said...

Such cute cupcakes! Love your command center! And the red desk....SWOON! Yay for routine and learning :)

Jessica said...

Thank you again for the sweet "be kind" mug rug/mini banner!! :)