Saturday, August 6, 2011

nutella, movies, pie!

Yes, in that order!!

Well, I've let go of all parental common sense and am now feeding the littles "nutella waffles" for breakfast...don't worry, there was a side of banana and a tall glass of ice cold milk to balance things out. Healthy, huh? This is right after the sugar rush...
Oh my, it was all over them and they were all over the place! This is one breakfast that won't be making our school rotation in a couple of weeks. But it is summer after all so all the rules have gone right out the window. I had no intention of taking the littles to see the Smurfs movie because frankly the littles have no clue who the smurfs are, but it was 110° out and they'd been so good on our little shopping excursion and I did have reinforcements with me (i.e. Noonie) and it so happened that the next showing was just 10 minutes away, we went to check it out.

Can you tell they were melting? Oh my, we're so ready for Fall weather!
We went to a 3 o'clock showing...after skipping naps...they both did surprisingly well. This is how Hudson spent the last 40 minutes...he he he.And then today, we went to Books-A-Million because I had seen a sign the other day that said "Princess and the Frog...Saturday, Aug. 6th...12 noon" Silly me, I didn't ask about it. I just assumed it was some sort of character appearance where they read a book, you know, pose for pics, etc. like they do at Barnes & Noble from time to time. Nope, it was just a showing of the actual movie, popcorn & green apple slush included. We only stayed for about 20 minutes, all the while Lance was chasing Hudson in the kids' section as he attacked the Thomas the Train display. But this little pumpkin was happy to take a break, talk "princesses" with some other girlies, and smile silly in between popcorn bites. My, oh my, I'd forgotten all about those 2 year old temper tantrums...especially out in public - fun times - but we finally managed to distract Hudson with some sips of the sugar-coma inducing apple slush long enough to buckle him in the car and head for a local family diner that has THE best pies for at least a 1000 mile radius.Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum!We came home and we ALL napped. Yes, including me! HA! I never nap - just not me. I'm blaming it on the heat...and the pie :)

Hooray for lazy summer weekends...hope yours has been relaxed and spent with loved ones.

Lots of prayers being sent up for the families of the 31 troops killed in the helicopter that was shot down in Afghanistan. May we never take our freedom for granted, nor the sacrifices of those who make it possible.


Stevie said...

Such cuties! How was the Smurfs? I loved them growing up!

Cupcakes and Lemonade said...

This whole post just makes me laugh. Everyday I start out the day with really good intentions, healthy meals, fun activities for the kids and some days it just doesn't work. The pics of your littles in the sun outside the movies are adorable! You can just see how hot they are. Love that you ate lots of sweets this day! Such great memories!

Jessica said...

The smurfs were cute...mainly for me since I grew up watching them...I was even Smurfette in a school play - HA! Grace liked the movie ok...minus the scary Gargamel parts of course...not as much as her beloved Disney princess movies, but she has been talking about Smurfette ever since ;)

Laura~ the heat here is brutal! We are beyond ready for Fall!!! :)

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

I know that restaurant! One of my friends who lives over there introduced me to it a few weeks ago and the beef tips and gravy was so good. But the strawberry pie was even better! :) I'm ready to go back!