Thursday, August 25, 2011

a little change...

Okay, a BIG change!
Blog makeover + domain change all in one lickety split swoosh!

Yes, please update your bookmarks... is now officially!

and my new email address is
Last spring I stumbled upon Heather's Life Made Lovely Monday. In her words, "Creating a life made lovely means embracing the life you're living right now. It means choosing to celebrate your everyday life by taking something simple and turning it into something special." Ooooh, how I love it! So eloquent. Spoke straight to my heart and how I try to live my life.
So that led me to Life Made Lovely Designs and I knew I'd hit the jackpot! Their blog and business designs were exactly what I was looking for. Problem was by now it was almost summer and they had parked their shop "on vacation" to spend time with their littles.Bummer. You know that feeling when you find something that is exactly what you've been looking for forever and YOU.WANT.IT.NOW??? I knew you would...*wink*. Of course I couldn't be mad because I firmly believe family comes first, so I send them a bunch of emails patiently waited for their shop to re-open in August and for my name to come up on their list. Yes, they're that good!

As luck would have it, Katy became my designer. Oh my! Not only is she gorgeous and crazy talented, but she's the sweet mama to a heartbreakingly adorable little guy named Miles. She's the one responsible for giving my blog this cinderella transformation.

Exciting things are happening with little pumpkin grace and Lulu & Co. in 2012 and I cannot wait to share more with you! I truly feel like a little girl on Christmas morning. *insert cartwheel*...that is, if I knew how to do them - HA!

And totally unrelated, but here's a little snapshot of our new command station right off the school year = time to get organized! More on that sweet "be kind" mini banner soon!THANK YOU Katy & Life Made Lovely Designs - you were a joy to work with!



katygirl said...

thanks for your sweet words jessica! you made designing for you easy and fun!

Teresa said...

Blog makeover - Love it!!! 2012 sounds like it will be an exciting time - Jessica, you have such a creative talent that comes with love straight from the heart - a recipe for success I think!

...and you have a (super cute) blog button!...will be putting that on my blog immediately.

ADA said...

Love it all! Excited for you! Where do you get your chalkboards? I am envious!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much, Teresa! You are so sweet! Thank you for the vote of confidence! :)

Hi, Amanda~ the chalkboards are part of a vintage classroom set. One of my girlfriends who is a teacher had a fellow teacher in her school retiring and she was throwing them away!!! So my friend rescued a few and shared them with me. Wish I could have raided that teacher's classroom!!!!