Monday, September 12, 2011

because I don't want to forget...

her sweet bedtime prayer last night after we'd been talking about September 11, 2001 on and off all day...

"Dear God,
Please help the bad guys not be bad anymore. And please don't let them do bad things to America again."
~Grace, 4 1/2

And then in our usual i-love-you-good-night-kiss fashion...
"Mama, I love you to Jesus and back."
Okay, you win. Yes, once and for all.
And a bit more comical, but sweetly endearing to this mama's heart just the same...

{at lunch yesterday, while we're waiting for our food}
"I want orange juice!!! orange JUICE!!!! ORANGE JUICE!!!!!!!"
Hudson, 26 mo.

What in the world??? His beloved chocolate milk was in front of him - no orange juice in sight. Yes, we finally figured out he calls his orange crayon - apparently his new favorite color - orange juice. Oy!

He sure has definite likes...and dislikes. You know, in true two year old fashion and all.

Love you my sweet boy!I love that when I asked you this weekend if I could be Thomas {the train}, you responded "Suuuure" with just a hint of endearing southern drawl...first time I ever heard you say that word...and first time you ever let me be Thomas - HA! Too funny coming from a wee one like you.

And just so you know, it melts my heart that your new favorite thing to do is come running to me and say:
"I miss mama"
"I wub mama"
and then you give me a great big Hudson hug.

I love Hudson hugs.

Dear Grace & Hudson,
Being your mama makes me the happiest of all.
Love you forever and ever and again and again.