Tuesday, September 13, 2011

on their way...on our way!

I recently had an order from a sweet, sweet customer in the Dominican Republic. Not only did I love making hats for her little one, but I loved getting to "speak" Spanish to her via email. When she gave me the option of communicating in English or Spanish, I answered with a resounding Espanol, por favor! I love, love, love Spanish - such a beautiful language.These 22 little hats are on their way to help a little one celebrate a milestone birthday.I sure hope you love them J and I hope your little one's party is full of sweet memories for you and your family! Feliz Cumpleanos y muchas bendiciones.
And God willing come Wednesday, Noonie, the littles and I will be here:Woo hoo! So excited!!{image credit}

Not only are we going to shop 'till we drop, but I'm super excited to visit an apple orchard for the first time and to spend time with some sweet friends.

September is turning out to be a very fun month!



Kris said...

The hats are darling! I love to speak Spanish too. I took 5 years of it. I worked in restaurants for many years, and got to use it with much of the kitchen staff. Also I have a dear from from Peru, and we speak Spanish together quite often. I love the language. My husband speaks Spanish too.
I am so envious of you gals going to Junk Bonanza!!! I wanna to too. Can't wait to see what you find!!!!

Annie said...

Bueno ya que sabes espaƱol pues dejare mi comentario en este idioma. Siempre visito tu blog pero en realidad nunca comento.

Dejame decirte que los sombreros son hermosos. Mucho exito!!!

TaDa! Creations said...

Can't wait to hug your neck tomorrow too. :)

Jessica said...

Thank you, Kris! Had no idea you spoke Spanish!! How fun??!! JB was a blast. Definitely want to go again!

Hola, Annie~ Gracias por dejarme un mensaje!! Que chevere que hablas espanol tambien!!

Angel~ we had a great time with you guys!! Thank you for being the best hostess ever! I hope we were a bit of a happy distraction in the midst of everything. I'm still thinking about you and your dad each day...praying comfort and peace over all of you. ((Hugs))