Saturday, September 3, 2011

these are just a few of my favorite things...

Pink Milkglass
Oh my. LOVe. Love is all I can say.

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How sweet is this little girl's dress??!
I can so see it layered with a long-sleeve tee and a cute pair of boots.
Wouldn't it be perfect for a visit to the pumpkin patch...or even Thanksgiving?
Aaaaah...dreamin' of Fall!
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The little pumpkin started ballet again this week, but I think it's *moi*
who needs a pair of ballerina flats like these...
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Yes, these are ridiculously expensive - I would never pay that for flats - but now I'm on the hunt for something similar...suggestions welcome!

My current obsession with gray + yellow
{esp. mustard yellow}continues...
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But kelly green is coming up a pretty close second...
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...especially when paired with aqua blue
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And then there's rust...isn't rust the perfect shade for fall?
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In the last two years I have broken my two favorite pair of tall boots *sigh* so now I'm in the market for a new pair...{via here}

...or 2...or 3...I love boots!

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Can you tell I've been completely bitten by the Fall fashion bug???

Dear Fall,
You can make your grand entrance any day now.
Pretty please?
I don't know how much more I can take of 100+ weather.
Love, Me



Virginia said...

I can't believe all the beautiful stuff you have found on all those links! Gray and yellow has always been one of my favorite combinations...(I remember when I was in Med School and had this cute short grey skirt and soft yellow blouse... got a lot of compliments! Thanks for bringing those sweet memories back to me. Sometimes it does not seem that it was that long ago). I LOVE that kelly green with aqua blue- would never have thought that they would go together!
Love, Mom

Kris said...

I had a very similar chat with Fall myself the other day! I LOVE golden yellow!!