Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wordless wednesday...well, almost.

love this...{via pinterest via here}

The first time he said it, it nearly broke my heart. I guess it's par for the course with being a sibling. Being the second child...or the third...or the fourth...but all I know is I never heard the little pumpkin utter those words when she was an "only".

He said, "What about meeee? My turn."

I know, I know such simple words. I know there was absolutely no negative connotation behind his words other than wanting a turn, but yet, my heart ached...for you see, "undivided attention" and "littles close in age" seem as polar opposites as night and day around our house these days.

I love my Hudson + Mama time every Monday and Friday while I'm home and big sister is at school. I love having that time with just him, just like I had with the little pumpkin when she was a wee one. But maybe I love it so much because I never hear, What about meeee? My turn on those days.

I love you my dear son. More than words can say.



Yule said...

Oh my goodness that made me so teary! So true I constantly feel so sad that my little Grace didny get the same alone time that my Hudson did. Maybe that makes you delight in every moment that much more!
Your such an amazing mommy Hudson and Grace are so very blessed!

Cupcakes and Lemonade said...

This just made my bawl! I feel the exact same way with Finley. She is the third and I feel like she has missed out on so much. I miss her two sisters while they are in school, but so enjoy that time, just the two of us!