Thursday, September 1, 2011

meeska, mooska, mickey mouse!

I must be on a roll...but I promise, this is my last one...
for this week anyway! *wink*
Yes, this is "M" week at the little pumpkin's preschool and today is Mickey Mouse day. Given my aversion to cartoon character clothing (I know, I know - I so need to get over that), Grace had nothing in her closet with Mickey on it.A quick trip to Target where I was sure I would find a little tee with The Mouse or Miss Minnie yielded nothing. Thankfully we seem to have a never ending stack of new Target tees at our house ready to be transformed at a moment's notice.

We've got ears, say cheers!
And while we're on the subject of Mickey, I thought I'd share some Lulu & Co. birthday hats I made for a special little boy who celebrated his 2nd birthday at the happiest place on earth!
Hot diggity dog! <------ sorry, couldn't resist ;)
Tomorrow is "Mexico Day"...hmmm...wonder what I can make?
See ya real soon!



Jamie Lynn said...

Hi!I just LOVE your blog! You must come and say Hello! I think your parties are wonderful too. I do have a question....on your teacher appreciation tuts- the one with the daisies- did you glue the letters to the paper inside the jar? I am going to do this for my little ones first day! Have a great day hope to hear from you!

Jessica said...

Aww...thank you, Jamie!

About the alphabet flowers...I didn't glue them. First I placed a wet paper towel around the stems and then wrapped that in foil and then in corrugated cardboard to "fill in" the glass jar. I then slid down the letters around the cardboard making sure they were facing out and not too bunched up.

Hope that helps!

P.S. The teachers LOVED the alphabet flowers since they could use the magnets in their classroom after the flowers died.

Amanda said...

totally have an aversion to character clothes too....your shirt is darling - I ordered a few things similiar off of Etsy for our Disney trip! you should open a shop! :)

Heather L. said...

Girl, you are TOO much!!! That tshirt is sooo cute! And - I wish *I* went to Grace's school. It sounds like the most fun school in the whole world! Is it a church school? I have never heard of a school like that here where we live.

Great job, once again!!!

Jessica said...

Thank you both!

Amanda, I'm working on the etsy shop - just need to catch up on hat orders before I can even think to begin stocking etsy!

Heather~ you're too sweet - thank you! Grace goes to a gifted & talented program that is part of the public school system here. We were blessed to stumble upon the program after losing many nights of sleep trying to decide on preschools. We had even enrolled her in a different private school before we found out about the program and had her tested, but there was no comparison once we visited the program. It has been an enormous blessing in our lives to know she is learning in such a well-rounded environment and being taught by a sweet, caring, and knowledgeable teacher who's been teaching this same program for 25 years. We just love it!.......and hope Hudson will test-in next Fall! :)

Ashleigh said...

Bahahaha! I LOVE all of the references to M M Clubhouse. Not sure we would survive a week without it in this house hold!