Monday, September 26, 2011

show & tell: vintage goodies! {Fall Adventure 2011}

We had a really fun time shopping for vintage treasures at Junk Bonanza and other local shops while in Minneapolis. Here are some of my fun finds!! {Oh, and please forgive the quality of the pics - I'm still trying to figure out my mom's point-n-shoot and how to edit the pics the best possible way).

First off I have to share this super sweet vintage child's cup that
a very sweet {and sneaky} friend surprised me with after I fell in love with it but wouldn't buy it for myself ;)Isn't it sweet??! Almost looks like a planter, but then you turn it and it's a little child's cup! Thank you sweet friend! I love it!Doesn't it look sweet in the little pumpkin's bedroom?Next up, my second favorite find...a vintage Christmas smock apron. I can just imagine the little that wore this long ago, helping her mama bake up some tasty treats...and I can't wait for the little pumpkin to wear it for this year's Bake Day!Speaking of about this little gingerbread man cookie cutter?!More Christmas stuff! How about this little vintage elf on the shelf??!! While in MN, Grace decided that our elf, "Super", needed a middle name so he's now Super Belly, the elf. I think this one will be Hudson's elf. $20 bucks says it'll be named Dinosaur, Dragon or Lion...his 3 current obsessions. HA!

One last Christmas find...can't wait to embroider that cute Santa with his naughty or nice list on an apron for the little pumpkin.
I think I must have definitely been in a red state of mind while shopping because these next few finds all share the bright cherry hue...dainty hankies, fun buttons, and an old berry brooch.Love all these fun vintage buttons - some may just end up on some Lulu & Co. hats *wink*.Not sure what I'm going to do with this brooch - definitely not wearing it - but I'm sure I'll come up with some project for it.I love the yellow little girls coat in this old sewing pattern, so this bundled pack came home with me. Hoping I can convince Noonie to give it a try...hear that, Noonie? :)But just in case, how about this cute denim peacoat?!It's adorable on the little pumpkin, but my favorite are the little elbow patches made out of yo-yos!!Of course I couldn't leave my favorite little guy out!! Not as many cute boy things, but I did find this vintage choo choo that has already become a favorite around here.Hudson looooooves this little airplane & spoon combo that I found...who knew this little set would become the source of many, many, many "but I want to use it too" conversations!And I LOVE this old Whistle soda crate! Looks great in Hudson's room but I may just sneak it for my halloween tablescape ;)The book on the left is not old; I found it when we visited Wild Rumpus and I'm tucking it away for Hudson's easter basket next's hard to find boyish easter stuff, so I was excited to find it! The one on the right is rather old...25¢ price tag...such sweet graphics on this one.Love this vintage mini chalkboard and these books just have the sweetest illustrations - excited to add them to our collection.I was excited to find these two unused valentines - we'll definitely put those to good use next year!And look at this one!!!! Unused and sooo girly! I love writing the littles sweet notes on vintage cards. I think one day when they're older they'll enjoy reading them and knowing what was going on in their lives when they were little.I'm secretly hoping to turn this one into an embroidered design for a Valentine apron dress for Grace. Hope I can make it work!

I bought these next two for two separate sewing projects - can't wait to show you...soon!!
Love the crochet edge - so dainty and sweet!This fun apron was made out of a clothespin bag! The feedsack pockets go all the way down.This scene reminds me of The Nutcracker...One last little find...Can't pass up this sweet prayer for wee ones everywhere...Thanks for letting me share all these fun finds!! Hmmm...maybe I should open up a shop or know, just to have a good excuse to shop for more sweet finds! HA!


Heather L. said...

Wow, you got some amazing stuff, Jessica! I'm definitely living vicariously through you =)

RN and OSHP said...

I have that same cookie cutter, it was my great grandma's and I love using it knowing she used it too! I also had both the little red hen and bobo book when i was kid. Love reading your blog and wish my 5 year old would wear some vintage clothes! She is so picky, i can't even get her to leave bows in her hair! Thanks for sharing your littles and your fun finds with us!

My Vintage Mending said...

Well, there is just too much here to love. Between the smock and the pin holder how could you go wrong? What a great idea with the yo yo's. Smiles...Renee

The Martys said...

Wow you found lots of fun things. I should really attend Junk Bonanza since I live in MN. I went once a long time ago. I have to say my favorite find of yours is the sampler of Now I lay me down to sleep. I have start collecting those for my daughter's room and that one is very sweet. You really have a knack for finding cute things.


Amber said...

Ekkk...I don't know whree to start!! I LOVE it all! Pure sweetness! Makes me reay o plan a giel's trip...(wink wink)

Ashleigh said...

Thank you for taking me on a trip down memory lane. I had a Santa mug that matches the smock you found!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

love everything!! that cup is darling! I have that prayer framed in my baby girl's room :-) xoxo!!

Shopping said...

What a beautiful design! Those two did a great job decorating such a small space. Looks like a very cozy little nest! Office Furniture in Pakistan