Friday, September 24, 2010

10 apples up on top

One of the things I love most about Grace's preschool is that they go on lots of field trips, often to very "un-field trip" kinds of places, like to the grocery store to explore the varieties of apples. There's nothing like learning "out on the field". And I love that they welcome & encourage parents to come along ;)

All week they've been learning about all things APPLE... So yesterday morning we loaded up on a bus and off to Kroger we went!
Aren't they so cute all lined up by the bus??!! I think riding on a big yellow school bus may just be the highlight of the trip for a lot of them, the little pumpkin included! Grace and her new BFF Lovi We were there to learn all about APPLES but I couldn't help get excited when I saw a bunch of.......PUMPKINS!!!!!!!! Yay!! Apples, Apples EVERYWHERE! This kind of learning is F-U-N! After the grocery store it was time to head to the library for storytime...but not before a little snack. Those growing bodies get HUNGRY! We have an amazing children's program at the local library. The kids LOVE Dr. Spaghetti and all her songs & activities. I wish I had their energy! :) A little craft activity wrapped it all up. This group is so good. Maybe it's because there's just eight of them, but they're so sweet with each other. Love them!


Mendy said...

I am in love with Grace's preschool! I've read several of your posts about did you find such an awesome place? Simply wonderful activities!

Kelli said...

Wow, this looks like a wonderful preschool. I wish it was closer to us. What a great learning experience!


Amber said...

I so enjoy reading of Grace's pre-K fun outings! Makes me wish we lived closer so Reese could go to the same Pre-K next year :)

Heather L. said...

Wow, what a fun school she attends. She looks so happy there! Love seeing all the pictures.

TaDa! Creations said...

What a fun idea, to visit a grocery store! I've seen kids on a field trip to our grocery store before, all marching in line to the back of the bakery to see how they make all those yummy treats. Fun!

The girls are going on their first field trip next Wednesday, to an apple orchard. Dave and I are chaperoning, should be fun. They are both super excited to ride on a school bus for the first time.

Jessica said...

Thank you guys!

We really lucked out with Grace's preschool. As you guys may remember, I lost many a night's sleep over the important preschool decision. We were even registered at another private school when *out of the blue* (I say * * because I KNOW this was God's doing) a graphic designer that has done some work for the nonprofit I run asked me about Grace and where she was going to school. I told her and she just happened to mention this particular preschool program for gifted & talented students and how her daughter - now in college - attended and how wonderful it was, etc. She told me how it was "the best kept secret" here locally and how to go about getting Grace tested for it. Long story short-er :) we did have Grace tested and she was accepted!

God did indeed answer my prayer of a good school with loving teachers for Grace. A program that would nurture her creativity, push her to excel, and help her develop a love of learning. What a blessing!