Wednesday, October 5, 2011

nursery rhyme week

Oh, there has been so much cute stuff coming home with the little pumpkin this week for Nursery Rhyme Week at school but I haven't taken any pics :( I'm having camera withdrawal symptom. Please, please hurry up Canon Factory Store and send my camera back!

I've been cleaning out the closets and while doing so found this sweet outfit Grace wore on her first day of 2 year old MDO in September, 2009.
Well, guess what? It still fits! The pants are now "cropped", but who can resist that sweet Humpty Dumpty applique. She wore it today and took a vintage Mary had a Little Lamb junior elf book for show & tell. Sigh, she sure does look like a big girl, doesn't she?And I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that when I go by my favorite bakery on the way home they'll say that they can squeeze in an order for some of these adorable Humpty Dumpty cookies for Friday. Aren't they sweet???{via pinterest via here}

I need to throw a baby shower... :)



Spears said...

ooh, cleaning out closets...maybe some resells soon? :) She is adorable, and so are those cookies!

Amber said...

Oh my...look how little G was and how grown up she is...bitter sweet isn't it :) Love the Humpty Dumpty cookies and I am working on the baby shower ;)

Stevie said...

Such a fabulous outfit! The cookies would be a hit! Love visiting your blog.