Tuesday, October 18, 2011

on a happier note...

My last post ended up sadder than I normally post, but such is life sometimes. We are not guaranteed an easy ride, that's for sure, but we are given faith to go through the trials.

Let's happy it up a bit today, what do you say?
Last week Grace's class took a trip to the pUmpKiN pATch and then to the park to feed the ducks and play. I love how excited they get on field trips. Our "pumpkin patch" is hosted by a local church. The money they raise from selling pumpkins helps fund their missions outreach - love that!This pic was taken as they were waiting to go inside for the program. Apparently Grace REALLY liked this page in the story...he he he.Checking out the wonky watermelon-looking pumpkins...Grace & these sweet girlies!I bought this dress last year right after Halloween and it was BELOW her knees!!! Can we say growth spurt???!!!Girlfriends...
{and yes, it was a BRIGHT and reaaaally WINDY day!}
Caroline and her sweet mama... But we have to??? HA! Don't get too close, Mr. Scarecrow...Quack, QuackLast week when we visited the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins, the littles got some ice cream freebies from Sonic...they couldn't wait to "cash in" their coupons! Hmmm...maybe letting them eat them in the car wasn't such a great idea after all???!They were a sticky sweet mess when it was all said and done.

And speaking of sweet, I have to brag on the hubs for a second. I had to go out of town for a one-day work meeting and when I got home after driving 4 hrs. laaaate into the night, he had not only pulled out AND pressed Hudson's school clothes, but also premade Grace's lunch, complete with a heart-shaped sandwich and all her favorite sides. Love him...A LOT!



Em said...

LOVE the fabric on her dress!!!

Cricket said...

I love her halloween dress!! that is soooo cute!! Vintage looking fabric rocks!! (this is like the easiest dress in the whole world to make I think!!) and love the pumpkin pictures!!! Fall is the best!!

Jessica said...

Thanks, girls!