Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch {2011} & Student of the Week

Sunday after church we stopped by one of our favorite pumpkin patches to pick out this year's pumpkins.Hudson was very particular...inspecting each pumpkin from every angle.We tried a couple of pictures together, but the pumpkins won out ;)We picked BIG ones...We picked little ones...And everything in between!We even rode in the wagon looking at all the pumpkins...yup, that only lasted a few seconds before we had a certain little one jumping ship.We had a very special guest with us on this day...
Bryan Bear!Grace was Student of the Week so she got to bring home Bryan Bear and his bag full of activities to enjoy over the weekend.She drew this cute picture of our Pumpkin Patch Adventure with Bryan Bear and then dictated to me her weekend adventure so we could add it to the class notebook. It was so cute reading all of the other entries from her classmates.Bryan Bear even got his own spookie! Yes, the little pumpkin insisted he needed a tiny pumpkin of his own :)Pickin' pumpkins is always a Fall family favorite and I just love these sweet pictures of my littles just as they are today...I'm so hoping I get my camera back before the end of October so we can make another trip to the pumpkin patch, we'll see...Happy Fall Y'all!


Virginia said...

Beautiful pictures! And what a great tradition to go together as a family to pick the pumpkins out.
I look at these pictures and then think about the one with the pumpkins a couple of years back where Hudson is just a baby and Grace is kissing his head... AWWW!
Where does time go?

Virginia said...

PS: CONGRATULATIONS, Grace, on being Student of the Week!!!!!
You are a smart little girl and I love helping you with homework and teaching you new things.
Lots of love...and hugs...and kisses,

Jamie Lynn said...

Hi! I've given you the "Versatile Award" over on my blog! Go check it out!!! Love the pumpkin pictures!

Jessica said...

Thank you Noonie!!

Thank you Jamie Lynn!!! You're too sweet! :)