Sunday, October 30, 2011

pUmpKiNS {2011}!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every October, one of the activities we look most forward to is this trail of pumpkins...pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, painted pumpkins, carved pumpkins...all kinds of stories brought to life - only requirement: there must be at least 1 pumpkin in the whole scene.Noonie goes with us every year and we each pick out our favorite pumpkin. We were so sad that Lance wasn't with us this year...he was in California all week for work. Boo.I have to start off with my favorite this year because he is just so darn cute...Dumbo!And my second favorite...he he heHudson's favorites...But this was his most favorite!Although these little monkeys jumping on the bed came in a close second...Here's the whole cute!The little pumpkin's favorites...Mama, this one is spoooooky!Yes, all of her most favorites were Cinderella themed!Noonie's favorite wins the prize for most outside-the-box pumpkin! HA!Love these two sweet littles...There were lots of Smurf pumpkins, but this sweet Papa Smurf was our favorite...Love this Wizard of Oz scene...Winnie the Pooh...Noonie and the littles...Lots of elementary classes enter their looking at them all!There are even Christmas pumpkins! Fun times!And when we got home, the littles were super excited to receive the cutest card in the mail...Thank you, McKinley!!! We love your card and drawing and the fun treat too!And then for dinner........why a jack-o-lantern pizza, of course! Yum!Maybe next year we'll enter a pumpkin...we'll see!
{but then again, we've been saying that for 4 years...HA!}