Sunday, October 2, 2011

pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

I love October. And as if on cue, it is suddenly gorgeous here, with perfect temps in the 60s and 70s and just a hint of fall foliage.In honor of all this fall yumminess, we just had to break out the matching brother-sister pumpkin smocks for church this morning.Of course trying to get a good pic of them together is always a challenge and now with the slow camera it's nearly impossible :(I've been sprinkling fall decor all throughout the house...Aren't these little spider toppers cute with their chenille stem legs and what about those kitty cats with fuzzy tails??! Pretty soon they'll be fancying up some homemade chocolate cupcakes for the little pumpkin and her preschool friends to enjoy tomorrow.And so that they could wear their
halloween jammies all month, we went ahead and gave the littles their treats today...
Lookie, lookie, what's this???It's a halloween Mr. Potato Head!
{Hudson loooves Mr. Potato Head}A mini loopsie too!And some cute little cups perfect for
"pumpkin juice" {orange tinted milk}...All kinds of fun goodies for two sweet {+ goofy} littles!Today in Sunday School they were learning about how God made each of us special, yet in His likeness, so they made these sweet mini-me dolls. So cute!There's nothing sweeter than just bathed littles in jammies, is there?Did I mention I love October??? :)


Kris said...

Me too Jessica. I love October, and Fall in general! Your kiddos are sure getting big!! I love watching them grow!

Lindsey said...

We started telling Bennett "DO NOT LOOK at the camera!" Works like a charm...he looks and smiles now!

Karen said...

LOVE her eyes where she is holding up the shirt!

Teresa said...

I love how you make an occasion - with treats, decorations and even themed pajamas! Such sweet treasured childhood memories you are creating. Such a delight to watch and read about.

Sweet P's Boutique said...

Where did you get the ghost cup?