Saturday, November 5, 2011

move over mr. owl...

...there's a new kid in town! His Her name is Mr. Miss Fox!The little pumpkin quickly named her
Annie, the Fox...
...and she's pretty smitten with her!
...plans on wearing the shirt to a birthday party this afternoon.Can't wait to make more woodland creatures, but first, a certain little guy has put in a request for a...........................
DrAgOn, of course!
I'm lovin' Fall!


Stevie said...

LOVE the tee! Perfect for Fall! Happy Weekend!

Kris said...

Very cute. Your blanket stitched edges are PERFECT!!

Kelli said...

So cute!!

~Ashlee said...

okay...I have to ask --- Do you do this by hand?? it is gorgeous! tell me your secrets!!

Carrie said...


Carrie said...


Mandy said...

Oh I absolutely love it! You never cease to amaze me. What pattern did you use for this. I'd love a tutorial :)

Spears said...

So, so cute! You can just see grace's pride in her momma for making this, it's written all over her face :)

Jessica said...

You guys are the best...thank you for all the sweet comments!

To come up with the fox design I googled "fox applique", picked my 3-4 favorites and then sketched my own fox by hand based on the characteristics I liked best about the other foxes.

I used steam-a-seam to fuse the applique to the shirt - see my tutorial here:

and then blanket stitched around the edges with embroidery floss.

Super easy way to transform a plain tee! Have fun!

Mandy said...

Jessica, thank you SO much for the great tutorial. I do have a question, might be a dumb one, (I'm new at this). When you stitched around the edges did you find it hard to go through the layers (steam a seam, shirt, material) with your needle? Did you use all strings of floss or just a few? Do you have a tip on how to make it not so hard? :) I'm almost done,(just gotta stitch) I can't wait to show my daughter. Thanks again!

Jessica said...

Hi, Mandy~
Yay!! I'm so excited you found it useful and were able to make something special for your little girl!!

I use DMC floss, which has 6 strands. I pull 3 of the strands and use that for my blanket stitch. For me, the key to being able to go through the layers is using a sharp embroidery needle. I don't use the teeny tiny ones or the big gigantic ones, bur rather the medium sized ones.

With this applique it wasn't too hard to go through the layers, but with some, like the turkey one I did for Hudson last year it was. I've heard of people using small needle nose pliers to grab the needle and pull with thick appliques, but I've yet to try that trick. Don't think you'll need it for this one though!

Can't wait to see how it turned out - be sure to post pics and leave me a link!! :)


Mandy said...

Thank you for your help Jessica. It's still a work in progress over here. :) One other dumb question...did you do an actual blanket stitch or just stitch through up and down? My blanket stitch looks different.

Jessica said...

Not dumb at all! I still get all the stitch names confused myself. This one's not really a blanket stitch - more like a straight stitch - just basic up and down.

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