Friday, November 18, 2011

thanksgiving feast {2011}...preschool edition

This has been one wILd & cRazY week around here. Isn't it always that way right before a school holiday?? It sure feels like it to me!

I had a work trip early in the week which made things even harder and Noonie has been in Puerto Rico visiting my sweet grandma and we miss her like crazy. I have to give a big ThAnK YOu to my MIL Judy for taking care of the littles Monday & Tuesday...we couldn't have made it this week without you, Mimi!!

Now on to some fun stuff...
Yes! Wednesday was the little pumpkin's Preschool Thanksgiving Feast. Last year she was Running Deer, the cutest little Native American girl ever and this year she chose to be a sweet Pilrim girl.I LOVE all the sweet artwork Grace is always bringing home - her teachers sure do go the extra mile and this feast was no exception...Every child gets to make a Native American costume to keep and they each pick their own Native American name. This year Grace has been all about foxes...she is in L-O-V-E with them, so it was no surprise she picked "Running Fox" as her name. Time for their long-anticipated program! The little songs are just the best...Hello, Mr. Turkey, how are you?....he he heThe grand finale was a really silly song, "...the turkey has gone quite bezerky...can we eat hotdogs this year??" Oh my, they were sooo funny. This was just hilarious to them!After the sweet program, it was time for the feast!This little book was fuNNY! A couple of weeks ago,
Mrs. Bryan read the story of the first thanksgiving to the class and then had each child tell her the story in their own words. I loved reading all of them...from the "Lady (Native) Americans" to the "Paragus (Pilgrims)" each story was so cute.
Here is Grace's rendition...Sweet, sweet friends...Grace and KennedyGrace & Reese...such that Pilgrim girl and her buddy Reese!Another cute Native American boy...Howling Wolf (Julien) and Hudson trying to show Julien his thanksgiving dinner artwork...Hudson went with Lance and I to Grace's thanksgiving feast and since I knew the big kids would have lots of artwork, I told him he could bring some of his artwork too.
He picked my favorite! Isn't this little thanksgiving dinner collage cute??!
There's my sweet & silly boy (who can't stand still)!
Can't wait to attend his Thanksgiving Feast next year!
When I picked up Hudson at MDO on Thursday, his teachers told me that they set up a "fancy" thanksgiving table for all the littles to enjoy their version of a thanksgiving (finger-food) lunch and when Hudson saw the table for the first time he said, "Burtiful. That just burtiful." Do you think he's seen me set up a couple of dessert tables or what? HA!

But they said he was the only one to compliment them on the table, so way to go my little gentleman! Some of those lessons are sinking in - yay!


Unknown said...

Too cute! I can't wait to attend these school parties when my son gets older. :) Love the thankful turkey...we just made one yesterday with Brody's hand and foot prints. {it's on my blog}

Virginia said...

Grace is the sweetest pilgrim! Her version of the First Thanksgiving is pretty good.
And... hurray to Hudson for showing good manners! Noonie is very proud of both of you!
I miss you like crazy, but I'll be back there in just a few days.

Carrie said...

That is super cute, his paper plate of glued on food.

Lindsey said...

I love it. Any tips on getting in to ACS?

Mandy said...

OH Jessica, that is just absolutely adorable! Grace's Preschool sure goes all out. I love it. Did you make Grace's Pilgrim hat? I really want to make one for my little Emma.

Jessica said...

Thank you, ladies!

Mandy~ I didn't make her hat, her teacher made them!

Lindsey~ I sent you a message on fb with the info :)

Jen E. said...

so cute!! my preschooler has a Thaniksgiving party this year at school and I am in charge. looking for cute ideas and came here! Where did you get the cute costumes (specifically the adorable girl pilgrim hats and aprons??!)

Jessica said...

Hi, Jen! Thanks for the sweet compliment! Grace's teacher had the hats and aprons made years ago and just washed and recycled them from year to year. Sorry! :(
Hope the party turns out super fun...I love preschool parties!!

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